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Let's Address Questions Other SEO Platforms Avoid

Welcome to seoClarity's FAQ page. We're glad you stopped by. πŸ‘‹

This is where you'll find the most common questions we get from SEOs, digital and growth marketers, and acquisition teams so you can get a sense of who we are, what we do, and what we offer. Use the quick navigation on the left to jump to a specific question, or feel free to scroll the page.

Who We Are 

What is seoClarity?

seoClarity is an AI-driven organic search and content optimization platform. It's our mission to help our clients solve their most complex marketing challenges. 

Founded in 2007, we've had the privilege of working with more than 3,500 brands and agencies across the world on their journey to provide the best search experience to their customers.

About seoClarity

You sound amazing, why have I never heard of you?

You haven't heard of us yet? You're missing out! We’re a complete enterprise SEO platform suite known for our ability to provide SEO data at scale for every country, every search engine, and every page on your website (and analyze all that data to provide you the insights!).

Since we're not VC funded, we have one audience to satisfy: our clients.

We invest all in our product - adding new capabilities and enhancements in two-week development cycles; we don't throw all of our money toward brand recognition. (Look, you still found us!)

To us, SEO means one thing: search experience optimization, and work with you to deliver the best possible experience to your site visitors. Navigate over to our About Us page so we can make a full introduction!

Cost and Trials

How much does this cost? 

We have two main packages: Core and Pro. Prices are based on your number of keywords and domains, starting at $3,000 per month.

An important thing to know about our packages is that with all the capabilities there are no artificial limits. That means the data is yours to manipulate β€” no more worrying about "tokens" or "credits" to get your job done. 

We also offer the fundamentals of SEO like rank tracking, reporting, research, and content analysis in our Essentials plan for those who need the essentials now, but may want to expand capabilities down the road.   

β†’ Compare Our Plans

Do you have month-to-month agreements?

The Core and Pro packages are best suited for those who are ready to take a step forward in their SEO success. This is a joint-effort investment into your success, which is why we require annual agreements for these packages. 

SEO as a long-term investment will continue to drive results even after you’ve created new content content or optimized a page. 

The longer term agreements give us the ability to invest in continued innovation and add more features and functionality to the platform so your success can compound. 

Why should I choose seoClarity?

seoClarity is more than the most advanced SEO technology platform β€” we're a partner in SEO and content. With multiple package options to fit your needs, you'll find the solution that works best for you and your goals. 

Your success is our success, and with educational resources and a dedicated Client Success Manager, we're confident that you'll find it. We also have a team of experienced SEO experts (our SEO Professional Services team) that work as an extension of your team to uncover data-driven insights so you can make the smartest business decisions. 

How can I see your platform?

Magnifying GlassWe’re glad you asked! You can request a demo and one of our Account Executives will prepare a personalized demo for you. 

Not quite ready for that? You can view different videos over of different parts of the platform over at the seoClarity YouTube channel.

You'll see first hand how the seoClarity platform can tackle your most important marketing challenges. After the demo, we can give you a free trial if you want to explore the platform on your own. 

Is there a free trial available?

So you want to poke around a little bit? We're one of the only enterprise SEO platforms that offers custom trials.

Following your demo, we'll start your free trial (training included) to prove out your use cases and processes for your own domain with real data.

Schedule a Demo

How do I convince my stakeholders to invest in seoClarity?

SEO is an often misunderstood marketing channel, but it drives incredible revenue β€” and it could be the most lucrative channel for your business. Our research found that consumers trust Google the most over other channels, and in 2018 Jumpshot reported that 46% of product searches began on Google. 

Most executive teams also may not realize that SEO has the power to impact the entire organization: SEO is centered around user experience, and everyone should prioritize it in their work to drive conversions on your site.

An SEO platform makes that possible. We also invite you to review our Case Studies page, or learn from the following resource:

β†’ 5 Ways to Prove the Value of SEO to Leadership


How do I calculate the ROI of this investment?

A lot of factors go into an ROI calculation. We have a blog post that shows a step-by-step on how to build an SEO business case with forecasting data, or we're happy to work with you on the ROI analysis! 

How We Compare to Others

How do you compare to other SEO platforms?

Our clients tell us it's our approach with no artificial limitations (goodbye "tokens" and "credits"!) and our ability to rapidly hear their feedback.

We have dozens of unique capabilities compared to our competitors, from technical to content to ranking data, so you can always be ready to make the smartest business decisions to put yourself ahead of your competitors.

Here's a few resources that highlight how we're different:

β†’ 12 Ways Ranking Analysis is Better in seoClarity

β†’ 6 Ways to Monitor Mobile Search Visibility with seoClarity

β†’ Crawl Capabilities You Need Within an Enterprise SEO Platform

In fact, 60% of seoClarity customers upgraded from another SEO platform.

Looking to see how we stack up against some of the other solutions on the market? Here are some resources to browse, or see a full list of software comparisons on our SEO tools comparison page.

β†’ Compare seoClarity to BrightEdge

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If you're in the process of evaluating SEO platforms, we've made it really easy for you with our tool kit about the best SEO platforms and our worksheet for comparing platform solutions!

How do you compare to SEO tools?

Our platform consolidates the entire SEO lifecycle under one roof. You have access to it all β€” rank tracking, keyword research, content marketing, reporting, technical SEO, and competitor insights.

This centralization gives you more time to execute strategy instead of solely planning it.

β†’ Why Choose an SEO Platform Over a Specialized SEO Tool Like Semrush?

SEO Testing -- Draft-3SEO Testing -- Draft-Mar-03-2021-04-25-16-45-PM

Our Clients

Who uses seoClarity that is like me?

We work with large enterprise brands and agencies looking to increase their search visibility. We serve global ecommerce giants, hospitality brands, consumer multichannel retail companies, digital marketing agencies, and everyone in between.

Who are we a great fit with? An organization who cares about SEO and has a champion or team internally that's looking to grow their organic channel, or an organization with a content team behind them.   

But, don't just take our word for it. Check out the amazing feedback we've received over the years from industry experts and clients alike over on our seoClarity reviews page. 

Do your clients have success with your platform?

We have a retention rate well above SaaS standards and our clients stay with us for years. This strengthens the relationships we have with our clients.

In fact, our clients are happy to share their success stories with us. We'll let the data do the talking β€” visit our client case studies page to see firsthand how seoClarity drives success.   

Who on my team can use seoClarity?

Lightbulb-1Everyone! As an SEO platform for digital teams, it's important to us that anyone in your organization interested in the data and capabilities we have can use the platform β€” from your content team to your technical team to your analysts.
Did we mention that we have unlimited user seats? SEO is a team sport, so we don't know why other vendors limit this, but with seoClarity everyone has all the access they need. 
If you’re an SEO manager who does it all, you’ll be able to scale your operations by centralizing your SEO β€” no more working from various, disparate datasets that skew your accuracy and understanding.


Does the platform support international clients?


SEO connects customers to brands in the moments that matter, and the global nature of the internet and search means this goes well beyond any one country.

seoClarity prides itself on our ability to bring success to teams in any location: We collect ranking data in 180+  countries, offer the largest, freshest keyword data set with more than 30+ billion keywords across 170+ countries, and run our content analysis in 10 languages.

Plus, our database extends beyond Google β€” we have ranking data for Yandex (Russia), Baidu (China), and Naver (South Korea). 

Translations are also added directly to the platform so your international team can get right to work.


How will you help us be productive quickly?

We get it: You're not just looking for a product, you're looking for a partner. Naturally there's a learning curve to learning any new technology, but we're here to help! 

There are a few tricky SEO challenges that only an SEO platform can solve, and on-boarding is one of them. With our swift on-boarding process, and unlimited support from your dedicated Client Success Manager, navigating the platform becomes a simplified process. 

Plus, with the ability to create and assign tasks directly in the platform, you can ease your team into working directly in the platform.

Our integrations with Jira and Asana make task management a breeze, and we integrate with a number of business intelligence tools like Google Data Studio and BigQuery so you can analyze SEO performance as a part of your greater marketing stack.

Support, Training, and SEO Services

Do you have support, training, and SEO services?

Know this: We’re an extension of your team! Your success is our success, and we want you to feel as empowered as possible when using our platform. We don't do the work for you (and we won't leave you left alone, either) we do it with you.

We have the following teams to work alongside you, from onboarding to your day-to-day platform use, and whenever else you need us!

  1. Client Success: All seoClarity clients are connected with a dedicated Client Success Manager β€” your main point of contact who understands your needs and goals, and tailors your experience with seoClarity to make sure you get the best out of what we offer.
  2. Professional Services: seoClarity's Professional Services works as an extension of your team to uncover potential roadblocks and SEO opportunities. The team analyzes and responds to real-time data using the seoClarity platform so you can streamline your organic search initiatives. 
  3. Technical Support Services: This team is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the platform. Any and all technical issues are sent to, reviewed, and resolved by TSS in a timely manner.

Can a small team like mine be successful with seoClarity?

Absolutely! The size of your team isn't important, some of clients are teams of 1 or 2 and have found great success in gaining more search visibility and conversions. If you're committed to the organic channel and working toward your goals, you'll find success.

If you need some extra power, our Professional Services team is there to help. This is a team of SEO experts who use the seoClarity platform to analyze and react to your site and ranking data.   

Not only does the team help you with your projects, they help you drive results. Here are a few of the victories that the Professional Services team brings to you: successful outcomes, saved time, and saved cost. 

β†’ 3 Success Metrics Professional Services Brings to SEO Teams

How long will it take me to learn the platform?

AppleWhile there's no set answer to define any one way of learning the platform, we like to say that a garden grows best when you tend to it. If you give a lot, you'll get a lot.

If you dedicate the time to explore the platform and have regular calls with your Client Success Manager, you’ll be set up for success!

I’m not in the United States, can you still support me?

The consistency of support is what's most important for us. We find a rhythm that works for both of us so we can find success together.

If someone on your team can’t make the call, we follow up with personalized recorded video messages and email newsletters that highlight key information that you can share with your colleagues.

We also provide 24/7 support for critical issues and through our Knowledge Base, which is full of product walk-throughs, videos, and trainings. Online chat and email is supported from 9am to 11pm GMT. 

β†’ How We Bring Success to International Clients


How quickly can I get started? 

You can start to use seoClarity in as little as two business days. Once we have your domain(s) and a list of approved platform users, you'll be good to go!

This immediacy allows you to use platform features before your historical data or ranking data populates. (Don't worry, we can import your historical data!)

There are a lot of ways to get immediate value from day 1: Dive into keyword research with the Research Grid, run a site audit with Clarity Audits, or use Topic Explorer to form your content marketing strategy. 

β†’ How Quickly Can I Get Started Using seoClarity?

β†’ What Business Intelligence Tools Does seoClarity Integrate With?

β†’ View all of our Integrations

Can I bring over my historical data?

Yes β€” it's your data and its crucial to have to understand your historical performance. You'll be up and running in seoClarity right away, and it might take up to 2 weeks to get your historical data brought in if your old provider gives you easy access to your data. 

Be aware that some platforms have hidden costs associated with extracting all of your data. Ask your provider about historical data procedures before you commit. 

At seoClarity, one million rows of data is available for instant download right from the platform β€” cost-free. This is your data, so it only makes sense that it’s readily available to you. You can learn more about that on our ranking data API page as well.

β†’ Buying an SEO Platform: What to Expect When it Comes to Historical Data

Do you collect personally identifiable information?

seoClarity does not collect any PII from our clients, and we have no need for payment card information (PCI) data. We do collect non-personally identifiable information (like publicly available data), and other data is kept confidential and is only included within your account profile.

Even though we do not collect any data that contains PII, we still support and adhere to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protocol.

β†’ More on enterprise-level security and SLAs

β†’ seoClarity's Privacy Policy

Do you offer single sign-on (SSO)?

Platform access is only granted when the client administrator adds users to the platform. Platform users then have three ways to authenticate into the seoClarity platform: standard username and password, SSO, and SAML 2.0. 

Once the platform users have received access to the platform from the seoClarity administrator, the desired authentication method can be used to gain access.

Platform Innovations

What new innovations are you adding to your platform?

Our development team continually upgrades and enhances our platform capabilities, all directly from client feedback. 

Lightning Bolt_Idea_Fast

It's important to understand that our clients drive our feature roadmap, and that means you can be a part of making a lasting impact at seoClarity! If two or more clients request it, we evaluate and build it.

We're pretty proud of the platform innovations that we deployed in 2022 β€” stay tuned to see what we release in the year ahead!



How do I end my subscription?

We believe in being fully transparent with our customers upfront. To start, we will never sell you something that isn't a fit for you and we'll never bully you into timeframes β€” we're not looking for a cheap sale, we're looking for a relationship. 

Second: SEO takes a long time to get good at! If you want to succeed, you need to prioritize organic search and really take the time to optimize your site to win search visibility with consistent results. 

Our clients join to make a commitment with us. At the end of that commitment, if you choose to cancel, we'll part ways as friends. If you've decided that SEO is no longer a priority for you, you can let your Client Success Manager know that you wish to not renew. 

Before you commit, check out the top reasons on why some brands do leave their SEO platform to understand how to avoid and overcome that need to cancel: