World's Largest Competitive Data Set

    More ranking visibility than any other keyword database in a mobile-first world. 

    Explore Every Content Opportunity

    Search, filter, and analyze to gain real-time insights into the performance of any keyword, domain, sub-domain, or URL.

    Guaranteed Fresh and Relevant

    All keywords are rank checked for desktop and mobile every month, even gain a snapshot with rank updates LIVE throughout the month.

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    Understand Content Performance, Gaps, and Opportunities

    Research and analyze the performance of any keyword, domain, and content with the Research Grid, the most complete view of the web.

    Access the Entire Search Landscape

    Leverage the largest, mobile-first keyword dataset with coverage of billions of keyword data with 5+ years of historical data.

    Discover Insights Instantly

    Visualize trends and performance with more metrics than any other keyword research suite – all on the fly.

    Win Google's Answer Box

    Discover the opportunities to be the answer to your customers’ queries with the world’s largest Answer Box database.

    Scale Insights Globally

    Explore content performance in more than 90+ countries (and growing) to bring insights to your entire organization.

    Reveal Content Opportunities

    Surface only the most effective and valuable keywords and content ideas with our AI-driven insights to discover proven content strategies.

    Understand Mobile Visibility

    Analyze performance for rankings and content opportunities in Google’s mobile-first search index.


    How is the Research Grid™ Unique?

    The only industry-driven keyword database, the Research Grid sifts and analyzes keywords, domains and rankings for you and your competitors. It provides insights on content gaps, opportunities, and performance and is designed to help you optimize and create content that is proven to perform.

    Real-time updates allow you to monitor your search visibility in scalable A/B testing, site changes or migrations, algorithmic updates, and more.

    Built on the Clarity Grid, it gives you instant access to trillions of data points across multiple years with access faster than you’ve seen before.


    Analyze Performance

    Sort and filter based on rank types, search volume, keywords, URL – even download the results for further analysis.

    Understand Visibility

    Understand ranking changes over time with research on keywords, pages, subdomains, folders, competitors.

    Identify Demand

    Visibility into content changes, growth and opportunities that affect rankings. Pinpoint keywords that drive traffic with reverse “term not provided”.

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