Inform Your Content Strategy

With Sia's advanced AI capabilities, you'll gain unparalleled insights into audience demographics and the users' buyer journey, optimizing your keyword research process.

Understand Your Customers' Language

Leverage our 32+ billion keyword data set and match intent with the freshest data set available anywhere. Know how many topics to cover on one page, or which deserve their own.

Trend 24 Months of Search Volume

Quickly see what new topic trends and which keywords had a jump or decline. Recognize seasonal patterns, changes in behavior, and new opportunities in a single glance for the past 24 months.

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Keyword Research is Inefficient 

The quality of keyword research is only as good as your knowledge of the topic area, your understanding of the audience, and the time you spend combing through large keyword data sets.

With more than 15% of search queries new to Google every day, there's a mind-boggling variety of ways users search. This leaves unidentified gaps, new trending queries, and the variety of ways searchers look for a product or service unanswered. 


AI + NLP for Smart SEO Topic Research

Topic Explorer expands how you think about your keyword universe, and easily scales your research faster than ever before. 

With NLP processing and AI-driven associations, it goes beyond simple keyword match to empower you to conduct deeply insightful keyword research, irrespective of your knowledge of an industry and understanding of your audience. 

With 1 billion keywords added every month, be confident you have the complete picture of all opportunities and ways your audience searches, as well as the ability to uncover new audiences and match intent to expand your visibility with complete topical authority.

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Align Content with the Way Your Audience Searches

Leverage Intelligent Match in Topic Explorer to uncover the ways your audience searches before and after a query and connect them with our Intent SimilarityTM score. 

match intent

Intent Similarity

Automatically detect the intent overlap in topics and keywords with our proprietary clickstream and intent graph to discover related topics and even more various queries used by your audience.

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Keyword Patterns

Overwhelmed by the countless ways users search? Reveal the complex variations of keywords by sorting them by the combinations of patterns to find the most common ways. 

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User Search Journey

Gain a holistic view of your audience's search behavior. See what prospects search for before and after a keyword.
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Audience Demographics

Get insights into the demographic information such as age range, interests, income, and more, allowing you to tailor your content to resonate with your specific audience.

Target Your Industry

Not all keywords related to your topic will be relevant. Filter to hone in on your specific industry to instantly remove the clutter, or start with your industry and filter your findings from there.


Questions & Featured Snippets

Identify all the questions your audience searches in relation to your topic, and filter by all the queries that trigger a featured snippet on the SERP.


Long-Tail Keywords

Filter by word count to target long-tail keywords to uncover low-hanging fruit opportunities related to your head term. 


View Rankings

View rankings within Topic Explorer for your site or ANY competitor to understand where to prioritize, optimize, or create new content.

Hear What Clients Say About Topic Explorer

seoClarity is constantly looking to improve the ways they serve their customers and how they can bring Search to the next level. Their latest update does just that, taking an already useful tool and bringing in additional intelligence to offer more intent-driven and robust content ideas.

Taylor Wilson
Taylor Wilson, SEO Manager, Penn Foster

In just the first hour, I identified eight new high-value keywords to target, a key phrase to advertise against and several existing pages to improve, and that was just the low-hanging fruit. This addition is potent and practical.

Chris Giovagnoni
Chris Giovagnoni, Digital Marketing Manager

The keyword insights from Topic Explorer played a crucial role in the launch of our new website. Specifically, Intent Similarity ensured that our messaging is aligned with how our customers search for our products.

Meredith Raico, Senior SEO Manager, Storable

Intent Similarity made Topic Explorer a great fit for the research phase of a big project. A big improvement all around!"

Samuel Park, Senior SEO Executive, Love Holidays

In trying to determine whether or not we should write new content for a topic or include it in an existing post, the Intent Similarity metric made it clear that the audience, though similar, was definitely looking for something different. We decided to dedicate a whole piece to this new topic!

kristine lee
Kristine Lee, SEO Content Strategist
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