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Accurate, Reliable Rank Tracking

Trust in the data and correlate ranking performance with all other SEO metrics at the speed of thought to maximize your search visibility.

Easy Access to ALL Ranking Data

Analyze all SEO ranking metrics without limitations or restrictions. No need to ever export your ranking data to a BI tool again.

No Limitations on Rank Tracking

Compare rankings against unlimited competitors - all on the fly. No limits on keywords, reporting, metrics, or keyword groupings. 


We get it.

You need the ability to scale insights and remove limitations to analyze your top 100 ranking positions of your entire managed keyword portfolio - thousands of keywords, millions of data points, how can’t you make sense if it all.

Some SEOs even revert to Google Data Studio, Tableau, and other BI tools to analyze the data which wastes time and drives up costs with data extracts and imports.

It’s not your fault. Typical rank trackers and keyword ranking tools in the marketplace are limited and do not function how you need SEO tools to work. 

rank-intelligence-rank tracking software

That’s why we solved this problem with a smart rank tracking software.

It’s a business intelligence tool for SEO that provides intelligence in your ranking data.

It’s carefully designed to analyze all ranking data for all keywords against any competitor at any depth.

It removes all limitations of simple rank trackers in today’s marketplace to equip you with the ability to slice and dice your data - including local ranking data from any geolocation - without restrictions to help you scale and make sense of your search results faster than you ever thought possible.

It solves:

Other Basic Ranking Analytics Tools Provide
What Rank Intelligence Delivers
Pre-canned reports
What Rank Intelligence Delivers

Dynamic insights at the speed of thought

Manual exports and offline data analysis
What Rank Intelligence Delivers

Advanced ranking analysis online at your fingertips

Static views of limited metrics
What Rank Intelligence Delivers

Interactive visual and filtered data exploration

Limited on competitor comparisons
What Rank Intelligence Delivers
True unlimited view of any and all competitor ranking data
Hidden, add-on costs
What Rank Intelligence Delivers
All-inclusive pricing, no surprises
Hard ramp-up and training
What Rank Intelligence Delivers

Effortless engagement for the entire SEO team

Your SEO Power Tool to Accelerate Your SEO Insights

Rank Intelligence is the only SEO power tool to use for accelerated SEO insights that takes you from ranking data to ranking intelligence.

Dynamic, interactive insights.

Unlimited data exploration of your top 100 search results at the keyword, subdomain, folder or URL level. Compare against any competitor in any search engine to answer all questions and uncover hidden insights in real-time.

Advanced ranking analysis.

Gain a 360-degree view of your SEO data to analyze, measure, improve and plan all in one place – as fast you think. This isn't your typical rank checker. It's ranking analysis at your fingertips at the speed of thought. 

Unlimited competitors.

No more restrictions on the number of sites you can compare. Absolutely unlimited competitive comparisons with any domain – all on the fly.

See the whole picture all in one place.

View your ranking data against any competitor, any metric, any timeframe, and any ranking aspect.

Open canvas for your analysis.

Even use regex and wild cards to customize the way you want it to support enterprise level use cases.

All-inclusive pricing.

No hidden costs, no add-ons – ever! When we say limitless, this sandbox is yours to visualize, update, and change for deep discovery and analysis.


Why We Stand Out in Ranking Analysis

We rebuilt our infrastructure from the ground-up and introduced Clarity GridTM in 2017. This ground-breaking technology stack drives Rank Intelligence and takes petabytes of data on top of AI and daily ranking crawls to provide real-time exploration at your fingertips to unleash the power of your ranking data - exclusive to seoClarity.

With this, you leverage the industry’s only real-time, interactive SERP intelligence tool that delivers big SEO ranking data and dynamic insights at the speed of thought. It’s like nothing else in the marketplace.

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