Managing SEO and PPC data in silos means missing out on opportunities to enhance your strategies and drive ROI.

Consolidate cross-channel insights to evaluate performance, understand success, and elevate both digital marketing channels.



Drive the Bottom the Line With Comprehensive Data

The benefits of both marketing channels working together far exceed what they're capable of achieving in isolation.

Our SEO and PPC reporting software puts both channels under the same lens for clear, connected analysis.

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Improve Content Relevancy

Identify untapped opportunities by comparing the keyword performance of both channels, and understand keyword intent to improve relevancy of content, ads, and landing pages.

Create More SERP Touchpoints

Control the SERP real estate, increase visibility, and demonstrate your authority with multiple page-one listings, which works to boost CTR for both organic and paid.

Maximize Budget Spend

Evaluate performance data to find areas where PPC spending can be reallocated more strategically or supplemented with organic to reduce costs without reducing ROI (i.e. paid keywords with low conversion rates or ROI).     

PPC vs Organic Filters

Leverage Shared Insights to Maximize Results

Compare your PPC and SEO data side-by-side in one centralized SEO platform. 

With paid search data integration, SEO data can be viewed next to metrics like PPC spend, CPC, impressions, and search volume for unparalleled keyword insights.

This makes it simple to produce better, more relevant content, boost SEM results, and adjust budgets for bigger results for both teams!

PPC vs Organic Filters
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Silos Hinder Growth.

Knock Them Down.

Unifying paid and organic marketing strategies is the best driver of ROI. 

Data across our client base reveals that together, PPC and SEO are responsible for 65% of traffic and over 50% of conversions for major enterprise sites.

Yet so many businesses don't realize how much organic search can contribute to paid search efforts. 

By consolidating cross-channel insights, you show executives that organic search data doesn't just drive traffic — it also enhances the quality and relevance of your paid campaigns. 

The Benefits of SEO and PPC Integration

New PPC vs Organic Report

Gain More Insights for Incremental Lifts:

  • Connect SEO and SEM data for better ROI
  • Produce more relevant ads, content, and landing pages
  • View daily SEO and SEM keyword performance
  • Identify ways to maximize budget spend
  • Create collaborative communication between SEO and SEM teams 
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