SEO Split Testing vs. Standard AB Testing -- Draft
SEO A/B testing Tool

Run SEO split tests — no dev required.

Easily A/B test optimizations to prioritize projects that impact SEO results.

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If you are...


Stumbling through a complex SEO testing process (or not testing at all)


Guessing on ROI for every SEO project request


Lacking a data scientist to set up and analyze SEO tests 


Expecting big results from implementing "SEO best practices"

Accelerate Results With SEO Split Tester 

Now with a streamlined, step-by-step workflow identify test and control groups, deploy the test, and analyze the results.

Split Testing as Easy as A/B and C

38% of SEOs struggle to prove a business case and justify ROI to get their projects prioritized.

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Deploy Tests in Minutes

Run SEO split tests with built-in statistical analysis and correlation models


Scale Experiments

Test and defend your SEO hypotheses across millions of pages


Preserve Dev Time

Provide a business case and ROI before you commit dev resources

Split Test

Test Endless Ideas

From search engine bots to end users, run SEO tests across product pages, category sections, or any template on your site

Update, Improve

Analyze Key Metrics

From click thru rate to conversion rates, select from key metrics to measure the impact to business outcomes

Light Bulb-4

Trackable ROI

Demonstrate that SEO changes have a positive impact to traffic and revenue

Page Change-1

Remove Blockers and Delays

Continuously make edits and updates to groups of pages with full control on who can deploy the changes

Page Elements, Progress, Scale

Generate Titles & Meta Descriptions

Make changes to title tags, metas, schema, internal links, or any content element

Test Tube

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Scale faster when you have concrete data to back-up your SEO roadmap


SpareFoot Accelerates Projects by 6 Months

See how an online marketplace for the best self-storage solutions leverage ClarityAutomate to change how quickly they implement SEO projects.

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How Does Split Testing Work?

Integrate seamlessly in as little as 10 minutes, and start testing optimizations right away.

Split Test Analysis

Security First

Using a secure hosting infrastructure, it provides end-to-end security through ClarityAutomate.

No Dev Resources

Adding a single line of code, it allows easy execution of tests on the test group.

Tech Stack Agnostic

Leverage alongside any Content Management System or other tech.


The changes only took a day of [dev] work, but without the ability to test that data, none of it would have been prioritized.”

Meredith Raico SpareFoot
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* SEO Roadblocks and Challenges Industry Survey of ~1,200 Enterprise SEO's | December 2021