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SEO Execution

Developers vs. SEO Tech

Working with developers is one way to execute your SEO roadmap, but the timeline may be out of your control.

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Stalled Execution = Stalled SEO Results

82% of SEOs report* taking weeks to implement critical fixes, test, and more. 


Devs need to learn the fundamentals of SEO


SEO projects land in the back of the dev queue

CMS limits prevent some needed SEO changes


Hard to demonstrate ROI of SEO to dev team

Then there's next-generation SEO technology that puts you in control of implementing SEO changes.

Evaluate the two approaches with our comparison table.

Compare the Methods of SEO Implementation

SEO Execution with Developers
SEO Execution Platform
Cost of Execution
Monthly Cost
$10,460–$11,446 per month
$6,000–$9,000 per month
Training Time
Devs need to learn SEO
Work with a dedicated team that knows SEO
Implementing Changes
Timeline to Execution
Weeks to months for SEO implementations, based on ticket prioritization
Instant execution
Process to Implement Changes
Project lands in dev queue, and can sit in the backlog for weeks or months depending on priority
Integrate seamlessly with your existing tech stack in as little as 10 minutes, and start optimizing right away
ROI Projections
SEO Testing
Manual SEO testing with data analysts
SEO split tester included
Implementing changes for clients
Work within the CMS with potential limitations
Make changes with ClarityAutomate and use seoClarity's support team

Compare more details in our blog post Cost-Effective SEO Execution: Devs or Tech?

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