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What upgrades do I get with seoClarity?

Access to a customizable enterprise SEO software that applies machine-learning and AI to deliver dynamic insights in real-time, support and training with SEO professional services to accelerate your work, and forward-thinking innovative updates like pixel ranking, intent match in SEO topic research, AI powered analyses, and more! 

No more artificial limitations

Other enterprise platforms create unnecessary limitations to monetize their platforms. seoClarity bases its pricing only on the number of domains and keywords you need to track. That’s it.

No limits on competitor comparisons. Crawl up to 20 million pages per month (if that's not enough, we can solve it). Conduct unlimited site audits. Create as many custom reports or dashboards you need. Leverage endless actionable insights to prioritize your SEO campaigns. And, best of all, no limits on the data exports or download from the platform.

“I must say there are a lot of hidden treasures in seoClarity that need to be used a lot more often. Thanks for advancing the technology to fit our needs. ”
Sridhara "Karthik" Donepudi

Don’t be boxed-in by your SEO platform

With all SEO data and site metrics, it is important your SEO platform can flex with your needs and scale with large websites. No enterprise SEO platform on the market is as customizable as seoClarity.

Our infrastructure was built from the ground up to give you access to all of your SEO data and metrics, in real-time. Imagine a keyword research dataset that gives you access to the entire search landscape - with the largest, most complete mobile ranking dataset available. We go beyond basic ranking tracking with daily ranking updates, ad hoc rank checks, even hourly updates if you need it - to include 27+ different data points for every keyword metric you can think of. And, you can filter with 15 interactive filters. All on-the-fly.

Want to upload your data to a BI tool? Download your data right within the platform (export up to a 1 million rows at once!) Still not enough? Gain API access and even custom data exports is all available to you.

"Enterprises need to know how flexible, how robust and how powerful seoClarity is. If you tried to pin it up against any other platform, there's just no comparison."
David Cockburn

100% of our roadmap is driven by clients’ needs

And, on a two-week product development cycle

If two or more clients request it, we build it. We work on an agile product development methodology: quick releases to give you the power to provide feedback so we can custom develop it to solve exactly our clients' challenges in search engine optimization. It’s that simple.

(And if you need something more custom, talk to us. We can handle that too.)

“These guys deserve all the attention they get. They have a great product and they have even incorporated a number of my personal suggestions into the tool (which I'm very proud of).”
Catfish Comstock
Business Online

Repeatable, consistent SEO results

We get it. You have limited resources, different processes, multiple systems, a lot of data to collect and analyze. 

Take our blueprint for all of those pieces and leverage our enterprise SEO management framework. We’ve titled it the SEO Center of Excellence - it’s our proprietary approach that focuses on repeatable processes and specific workflows that allow you to keep your focus on delivering the best search experience for your end user and away from the search engines’ algorithms.

“I love this platform. It's a part of my entire process - from planning and producing targeted content to tracking existing pages and keywords aligned to those pages, to tracking the promotion of the published content and ultimately measuring our performance.”
Mark Mulvihill

We’re not just a platform, we’re an extension of your team

seoClarity is built by some of the best SEO minds available - and deliver more than an enterprise SEO tool.

Extend the capabilities of your digital marketing team with our enterprise SEO services. Our Client Success team and technical account team ensures you can take full advantage of our one-of-a-kind organic search and content marketing platform.

If you need advanced strategy work, advanced technical projects, or assistance with building your SEO roadmap, our SEO Professional Services team serves as a project- or retainer-based enterprise SEO agency and is full of SEO experts each with 10+ years of experience.

“The entire Client Success team at seoClarity does a great job ensuring that our team is happy and succeeding with the tool and overall seems to go that extra mile. We really like to see this!”
Kyle Eggleston

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