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Experience in Enterprise SEO

We are all about the experience around herefor our clients and our team. Together, we work hard to drive success, tackle challenges, and grow our business.

That’s why, as an AI-driven organic search and content optimization platform, we focus on the user search experience for enterprise brands. Our approach centers on the person conducting the search - not search engine algorithms.

Our approach in building a platform and supporting our clients is what sets us apart from other solutions.

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Let Our Technology Do the Talking

We are the first AI-driven SEO and content optimization platform that approaches SEO with revolutionary machine-learning technology, delivering up-to-the-minute data and unique insights.

With seoClarity, you'll amplify your current SEO strategy into one that is robust and ever-evolving, helping you make smarter decisions, achieve measurable results, and soar above your competition.

Find out why 3,500+ enterprise brands and agencies agree with how seoClarity adds value to support their business growth.

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About Page Icons v1.0_12 Years in Business

Launched in 2007

About Page Icons v1.0_70 Team Members

90+ Team Members

About Page Icons v1.0_Brands & Agencies

3,500+ brands and agencies

About Page Icons v1.0_Platform Users

15,000+ platform users

About Page Icons v1.0_Global Offices

4 global office locations

About Page Icons v1.0_Platform Upgrades

200+ Innovations Every Year

Upgrades and new features are based 100% on client feedback. If two clients request it, we build it. 
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500+ Million Keyword Rankings

Accurate and reliable rank tracking for all countries, all search engines, all languages - mobile and desktop, too!
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90+ Countries in Keyword Research

Keyword research data-set includes up to 10x more mobile ranking data than any other tool + historical data in 90 countries. 
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48 Million Pages in a Single Crawl

Crawl up to 100 pages per second with our built-in crawler to evaluate 100+ technical health checks with our advanced site audits.
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10+ Content Analysis Languages

Global enterprise brands can optimize and analyze content in 10+ languages.
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A History of Helping Our Clients

Founded in 2007 as a product of Actonia, Inc., seoClarity was built to help enterprise websites scale their SEO more efficiently. 

What made us different from day one is that our platform was built to solve REAL challenges SEOs and marketers face. In fact, our feature roadmap is based on client feedback. If two clients request it, we build it. 

Some of the world's most respected brands work with seoClarity because we meet our clients where they're at and deliver the best-in-class solutions in our technology, dedicated client support, and SEO Professional Services.

Staying true to our mission of solving complex marketing challenges, Actonia, Inc. launched LocalClarity, a local management platform, in 2018,, a free, award-winning point-and-click schema builder tool, in 2020, and an SEO execution platform, ClarityAutomate in 2022.

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Our Clients Continue to Scale Growth

The background of doing SEO ourselves guides our approach to building the platform even today. That is why 60% of our clients upgraded to us after having tested and trialed other solutions—and the growth they experience is amazing:

  • 519% Growth in Organic Traffic
  • 167% Growth in YOY Revenue
  • 191% Increase in Clicks YOY

While others in the marketplace chase buzzwords, we turn our focus toward driving direct value to our clients in a way that’s most useful to them. See for yourself by reading our latest customer success stories.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

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Mitul Gandhi
Co-Founder & Chief Architect

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Kalpesh Guard
Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

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Orrin Wolf
Chief Operating Officer


Chris Sachs
Vice President, Global Client Success


Mark Traphagen
VP, Product Marketing & Training


Tania German
Director of Marketing

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