Scale Your SEO Reporting

Cookie-cutter just won’t cut it, so don’t settle for standardized dashboards and reports. Customize an SEO reporting dashboard for your entire marketing team - from CEO to SEO - with snapshot, custom dashboards, even automate and schedule reports to maximize time efficiency.


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Complex Data, Simple Interface

It’s Easy To Build Your Perfect Dashboard

With seoClarity’s easy-to-use dashboard builder, you can drag and drop unlimited charts, graphs, and tables into the perfect SEO dashboard to measure everything from organic search traffic to landing page performance and more. Integrate additional data sources like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to connect your overall site performance to SEO efforts.  

Custom Reports with a Personal Touch

Custom Dashboards Maximize Your Team’s Efficiency

Customizable dashboards and permission settings make it easy to communicate with your team members and your company’s executives by customizing the SEO data they see. Even create a new dashboard for every team or job type and set-up as an automated emailed report. Exceed your business goals and discover new opportunities by streamlining your view into all search engine data sources to maximize digital marketing team’s efficiency.

Achieve Complete Visibility

If You Need It, We Have It (or We Will Build It). 

We have widgets from tracking KPIs to monitoring task and goal completions, and they’re all automated to update daily. If you need another view customize for your business, let us know. Achieve all of the SEO data you need in a single, beautiful view, whether you want a bird’s-eye perspective or a more granular snapshot.
Bars & Graphs

How are our SEO Dashboards Unique?

With no artificial limitations on the number of dashboards or SEO reports you can create, seoClarity allows you to build reports based off of any SEO metric to create an analytics SEO dashboard unique to each user or role. 

Built on the Clarity Grid, it provides instant access to trillions of data points from user search queries summarized and connected to give you the insights to correlate SEO efforts to results. 

Understand your SEO performance when you integrate Google Analytics to report your organic traffic, as well as keyword traffic sources, bounce rate, conversion rate, goal completions, competitor rankings, landing page results, and more.

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Download a sample of different client dashboard templates.

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The Only Real-Time SEO Analytics & Reporting

Centralize your SEO reporting, streamline efforts, save time, and prove ROI. With seoClarity, you can:

  • Create unlimited, custom SEO dashboards by user or role
  • Monitor organic search traffic, keyword rankings, bounce rate, conversions, visibility score, site health, local, and many more SEO metrics
  • Set-up automated reports to be emailed from the marketing dashboards
  • View SEO performance by landing pages, page types, subdomains, or folders
  • Integrate Google Analytics or other analytics data for a complete picture of your SEO analytics
RYAN Dsouza
“The custom nature of dashboards in seoClarity make it so easy to manipulate. I LOVE how it's a simple filter option to adjust the view by whatever way you want to look at the data.
Ryan DSouza, SEO Lead
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