Capture More SERP Real Estate

Understand your rank position from the entire Google SERP, and see the most popular Google search features that show up on the search engine results page for your tracked keywords.

Understand Search Intent Without Limits

Gain an in-depth view of search intent by keyword when you analyze your ranking performance against all content types, not just the top 10 blue links.

Full Transparency to All SERP Features

Know the potential within your industry for each search result type - FAQ, local, video, images, featured snippets, app results, jobs, flights, hotels, organic product listings, and more.

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Recognize Opportunities to Increase Your Share of SERP Features

Update content to dominate every Google SERP feature with metrics like search volume and rank position for your site or any competitor site.

YouTube SEO Rankings

See how a video title, video description, target keyword and other video ranking factors impact first page video SEO. Leverage data like video rankings, video views of your YouTube channel, your YouTube ranking and YouTube search data Increase views and inspire new video content with YouTube videos that drive video marketing conversions.

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Featured Snippets

The position “zero” Google Answer Box featured snippet appears in nearly 20% of all search queries. Locate opportunities to capture this knowledge panel spot and be the one answer to your customer’s search and voice queries.

More on Featured Snippets >

Local Map Pack Results

Local Map Pack

Own local directories, boost your Google My Business local rank, and drive visits from potential customers with a top three local business listing in Google's search rankings. Understand the impact of keyword rankings on listing sites, local business directories, and review sites by geo-location to enhance your social media and local marketing efforts.

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Local Map Pack Results
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PPC / Paid Search

Enhance your PPC investment and search query position on the SERP with a special integration feature that helps you understand the relationship between PPC and organic search results for related questions and searches.

Understand Organic and PPC Search Integration >

Job Rankings

Find great talent by optimizing your job listings within Google Jobs and on the SERP to reach prospective employees within the Google Jobs engine while gaining a deeper understanding of how they search and what queries are best to reach them.

Top Stories


Google News Performance

Compare the Google News (Top Stories) rank position with your own rank for the queries that trigger the News feature, or uncover the Top Competitors, along with their total ranking keywords and top 1 ranking. 



People Also Ask

People Also Ask (PAA)

Know your performance of the People Also Ask search featured in comparison to the presence of the search feature as a whole. This allows you to know what queries trigger the feature, so you can be sure to answer those questions in your content. 

People Also Ask

Free Product Listings

Discover which keywords trigger the free product listings results on the search results page to understand the highly product-specific queries that people use to signal a transactional intent.  

App Store Optimization

Drive app downloads when you enhance your app’s visibility within the mobile search results from mobile devices. Gain insights to optimize your app listing within Google search features. 

Google Images Optimization

Strengthen your keyword performance and increase your Google SERP search visibility with image rank tracking and put published, optimized images images in front of the right audience for all Google searches that trigger the Google Images search feature.  

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20.8% Increase in Organic CTR With Improved SERP Tracking

SpareFoot wanted increase CTR to drive more traffic. To do this, they worked to obtain more visibility through rich results in the SERP thanks to all data, metrics and capabilities within the seoClarity platform.

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Maximize Content Optimization with Universal Ranking from the SERP:

  • Analyze SERP features that appear for your tracked keywords
  • Capture the “Zero” position of Featured Snippets
  • Track local ranking data and its impact on SEO rank and Google Rankings
  • Boost conversion via YouTube video optimization
  • Drive app downloads and adoption to your target audience
  • Leverage images to enhance brand awareness
  • Integrate PPC results and see the value of your organic results
  • Increase shopping page results for more conversions
  • Make every SERP feature contribute to your content strategy
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