Identify Relevant Topics Instantly

Only Content Gaps identifies high value content and topic opportunities to improve your search visibility specifically for topics you don’t currently rank for.


Understand Proven Content Opportunities

Content Gaps helps you see new keyword and topic opportunities for your site.

Compare Against Competitors

Leverage the “wisdom of the crowds” and compare your universe against your competitors to discover untapped opportunities.

Find New Traffic Potential

Understand the traffic potential from the opportunity topics that you aren’t currently ranking for.

Reveal Strategies For Keywords

Uncover any gaps in your current managed keyword set and begin to manage and optimize against newly discovered opportunities.


The Only SEO Platform that Eliminates the Clutter and Noise of Human Bias in Research.

seoClarity's proprietary research methodology, wisdom of the crowds, exposes every content opportunity to increase your search visibility.

Built on the Clarity Grid, it provides instant access to trillions of data points summarized and connected to give you the insights to create proven content strategies that will increase your visibility online.


Give Direction To Your Content Strategy:

  • Reveal deep insights with filters options at the domain, folder or page level
  • Understand topics you should have visibility for
  • Discover relevant content strategies
  • Filter by search volume, ranking, and more!
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