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Designed to Ensure Simplicity and Ease of Use

With a RESTful architecture and user-friendly interface, our API guarantees simplicity, flexibility, and high performance

Comprehensive SEO Data At Unparalleled Scale

32+ Billion Keywords

4+ Billion URLs

100+ Million Domains

8 Years Historical Data

Powerful APIs for Every Organic Search Metric and Data Point

Build your own tools and integrations, leverage for your data science projects, conduct deep competitive analysis, or train machine learning models.


Competitor Research API

Access 500+ million keywords for competitive analysis. Query any domain or URL in 90+ countries and instantly find the keywords they rank for.

SEO Competitor API >

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Keyword Ranking Data API

Integrate bulk ranking data and top 100 results for your managed keywords. Track competitor rankings, extract ranking data globally, & integrate 27+ metrics.

Ranking Data API >

Keyword Research, Analyze, Changing Words

Keyword Research API

Get unlimited access to the latest, most extensive keyword data to identify topic clusters, analyze search intent, generate new content ideas, & more.

Keyword Research API >

Content, Success, Approach, Strategy

Content Gaps API

Run advanced analyses across 500+ million keywords. Quickly identify keywords where one or more competitors rank in the search results, but your domain or URl doesn't.


AI Content Analysis API

Extend content analysis across your entire site with real-time insights, seamlessly integrating with your current workflow. 

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Real-Time Crawl API

On-demand access to crawl and audit web pages instantly for immediate data retrieval and insights on website performance and content relevance.

Launching Q2 2024


Schema Validator API

Automatically check and validate schema markup across your site at scale to enhance search engine visibility and user experience in the SERPS.

Launching Q3 2024


Split Test Analysis API

Streamline your SEO split tests with automated analysis to quickly determine test outcomes, significance, effects, and confidence levels.

Launching Q4 2024


Near Duplication Checking API

Analyze and pinpoint nearly identical content within your site or across different sites that search engines may perceive as duplicate. 

Launching Q4 2024

“seoClarity allows you to approach many different SEO strategies, from technical to content. The API connections allow you to bring many tools into one UI, which can also be very helpful and convenient.”
Hunter Balck Search Engine Optimization Analyst
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Access These Data Sets Via Our APIs

  • SERP Data: Access ranking data for tracked keywords and any geolocation level data
  • Keyword Data: 24 month trended search volume data, True Rank or Web Rank metrics for preferred landing pages
  • Tag Level Data: Retrieve lists and details of predetermined groupings in your account, including associated keywords/URLs, and summarized analytics
  • Page Analytics: Explore top pages from the Research Grid, page ranking counts based on specified months, and domain-specific page details
  • Backlink Data: Explore backlinks ad-hoc
  • Tags: Enjoy the flexibility to create, delete, or rename tags within your account

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Integrate With Numerous BI Tools

Seamlessly integrate seoClarity data into any data warehouse, leveraging our broad integration options, including BigQuery, RedShift, Amazon S3, and more.

Receive an API key/token for effortless integration, ensuring flexible data access through our API or customized extraction method.

More on BI tools integrations >


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do seoClarity's APIs cost?

We like to keep pricing simple. That’s why data for the elements you already track in your seoClarity account is completely accessible through our API.

To access our platform’s full data set for research projects or a one-time analysis, you have the option to submit your custom project and we can scope it for you.
What BI tools does seoClarity integrate with?

Our range of integrations includes platforms like RedShift, Amazon S3, Snowflake, and Looker. 

We also integrate with BigQuery for seamless connections to tools like Google Data Studio, Tableau, Domo, and more.

More on our integrations >

Where can I access full documentation on your APIs?
For full API documentation on our managed keyword APIs, reach out to an Account Executive at seoClarity.
In the meantime, you can get information on authentication, available data, supported filters, response codes, and more for all of our other APIs.
What are the benefits of Using APIs for SEO?

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in SEO facilitate seamless integration between tools and external data, automating processes and enabling data sharing across marketing channels.

This connectivity allows brands to leverage SEO insights for broader marketing decisions, such as evaluating the impact of TV or radio ads. Essentially, APIs enhance data access, automation, and cross-channel analysis in SEO.

Learn more about the advantages of APIs for enterprise SEO here.

What format are results delivered in?

Results for the majority of our APIs output in both JSON or CSV format depending on your preferences.

However, results for our managed keyword APIs, which have a different API infrastructure, are delivered in easy-to-parse XML format.

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