Get the most out of your content investment with automated content briefs that put SEOs and writers on the same page to alleviate miscommunication, align objectives, and prevent re-work.

See content briefs in action:

Prepare Content Writers In a Fraction of the Time

Artificial Intelligence analyzes SEO data, top ranking content, and your page to consolidate key information and streamline your content marketing efforts. All you have to do is click. 

Cut Your Research Time in Half

Compiles key insights from top ranking content, like recommended keywords, metadata, and more to automatically generate them into your content brief from our AI-driven content writer.

Expedite Your Content Planning

Create 30 comprehensive, customizable content briefs in 10 minutes, and scale your content creation process - from ideation to implementation. Target keyword in, content brief out.  

Qualify the Copy with a Content Score

Gauge the relevancy of your copywriters' work with a content score that takes into account keyword usage, content length, and metadata.


Generate Content Briefs in Seconds

  • Real-time, on-demand briefs created in seconds with full customizability
  • Use a brief for brand new content or generate a brief to optimize your existing pages
  • Must-use terms guide content development to expedite research process
  • Semantic analysis leads writers to relevance and authority quickly
  • Guidance to generate title and meta-description
  • Subheadings outlined based on an analysis from top ranking content
  • Questions that real searchers ask around the topic to answer in your content
  • Recommended internal links from like pages
  • Add custom text to streamline communication with objective, target audience, and more

Incorporate AI into Your Entire Content Marketing Workflow with seoClarity

seoClarity infuses artificial intelligence into the entire content creation process, so you can take your SEO content to the next level. 

Identify keywords to target based on search volume, user intent, keyword difficulty, and more; then generate a content brief with all insights from Content Fusion to produce the most authoritative copy and increase your organic search visibility.


Set Clear Objectives for Your Content Writers:

  • Establish guidelines to protect your content investment
  • Scale your content planning and assignment process 
  • Match the writer's work with a content score to know if they properly delivered on the assignment
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