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Optimize for Voice Search

Be the single answer to your customers’ queries when you win the most prominent spot on Google’s SERP.


Increase Your Search Visibility When You Win Google’s Answer Box

Instantly improve your brand’s credibility and visibility when you earn THE single answer to your customers’ queries.

Reveal High-Value Topics

Discover long-tail topics based on priority keywords in your business that trigger Answer Boxes.

Dominate Your Competitors

Understand how competitors rank and trend for keywords that trigger an Answer Box

Optimize Content to Win

Gather recommendations to optimize content to win the Answer Box


The First and Only Feature of Its Kind

As part of seoClarity’s voice search optimization capabilities, the Answer Box Opportunity is the first and only feature with the depth of insights including content ideas and competitive trends to help you earn the single answer for your customers’ queries.

Built on the Clarity Grid, it provides instant access to trillions of data points summarized and connected to give you the insights to make smart decisions.


With Answer Box Opportunity, you can effectively:

  • Understand your site’s performance
  • Determine traffic potential to your site
  • Learn how your site trends compared to competitors
  • Filter opportunities by keyword, search volume, and more!
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