See how organic traffic performs relative to all other marketing channels within one view. Different than site analytics tools, slice and dice by page type, compare and contrast SEO to other marketing channels, and trend views by week, month, quarter, or year.

Powerful Ad-Hoc Analysis

Analyze data and compare SEO vs. other marketing channels by any dimension - by page, by device, by country, and more. 

Better than Site Analytics Tools

Ease of use, speed, and unique capabilities like monthly or weekly trend views by metric or channel just can't be done in other site analytics tools. 

Segment by Page Type

Using regex, Content Types, pre-built page groupings, analyze SEO performance data against other marketing channels by nearly any segment of your site in just a couple of clicks. 

Track SEO Metrics 2

Win More Budget for SEO

When it comes to reporting on organic performance, enterprise SEOs go head-to-head with other traffic channels. 

Typically, marketing leaders and SEO teams have to prove the value of SEO against other high performing channels like pay-per-click, social media, and even email.

Traffic Mix Analysis provides the organic search channel more ammo to vie for a company’s marketing budget.


The Only SEO Platform to Bring in Channel Mix

With Traffic Mix analysis, compare against other marketing channels and:

  • Monitor traffic, bounce rate, conversions, etc 
  • Reveal gaps to highlight where SEO is outperforming or underperforming
  • Segmented by landing pages, content types, subdomains, folders, or any regex pattern
  • Centralize reporting
  • Defend ROI
RYAN Dsouza
“The custom nature of dashboards in seoClarity make it so easy to manipulate. I LOVE how it's a simple filter option to adjust the view by whatever way you want to look at the data.
Ryan DSouza, SEO Lead
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