Build High Authority Pages

Understand your page authority with an internal links rank score and gain an in-depth view of the internal link structure of your website.

Build “Link Juice”

Understand your current link structure for every page and see the impact of new links to search visibility and the user experience.

Purposeful Link Building Strategy

Go from reactive internal links SEO to an active strategy that guides users through your site.

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An Unnecessary Barrier in SEO

Bad links annoy users and block search engines from understanding your site. Too few links limit a page’s ranking factor and ability to guide and connect users with your other great new content. Search engines penalize over-linked pages.

To say links are vital to a page’s success is understatement. The challenge for SEOs is monitoring, finding and eliminating broken links so they don’t become a drag. The larger a site, the great the need for an internal link checker that can scale with your need.

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Take Internal Linking Analysis Beyond the Standard Internal Link Checker

seoClarity’s Internal Link Analysis was developed by SEOs who understand internal linking produces the biggest results when it’s in context - and can scale. Beyond simply reporting on bad and broken links, seoClarity takes internal link building to the next level to boost a page and site’s ranking power by showing predicted SEO value of new links, making it possible to use links to boost SEO and guide the user search experience.


Use Internal Links to Understand Your Site Architecture

Quickly identify high potential pages with low number of links for quick wins. Then, explore potential link impact to drive SEO value aligned with your business goals.

Internal Link Structure

Understand the Impact of Your Internal Link Structure

See your own PageRank-like score for blog posts, category pages, web pages and more in an internal link index and improve page strength.
Maximize Page Potential - Internal link analysis

Maximize Page Potential

Optimize anchor text, eliminate broken internal and external links and ensure link relevance to enhance XP and ranking power with search engines.
Identify Over-Linked Pages

Identify Over-linked Pages

On one page, anchor text, internal page links to related posts, text links, image links, and more can quickly exceed 100 internal links and impact SEO value.
Optimize Your Anchor Link Text

Optimize Anchor Text

See the pages where better context should be provided to the users (and the search engines) to improve the power of your anchor text.
Find Broken Internal Links

Find Broken Links

Find and fix internal and external links. Then monitor and track to prevent this unnecessary barrier to your SEO performance. 
Internal Link Relationships

See Link Relationships to an Impactful Site Structure

A full link graph shows opportunities for internal linking and content marketing plus the potential SEO impact of new links.
Internal Links for Better UX

Build Internal Links to Improve User Experience

Boost page ranking by featuring the types of links users expect and connect one page to another.
Optimize Crawl Budget with Good Internal Links

Optimize Your Crawl Budget

Build an internal link structure that ensures users and bots see your most important pages first.
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