Our Internal Link Analysis tool analyzes information about every page on your enterprise site that links to another. Easily extract and filter this data by numerous factors to uncover linking opportunities and inform your internal linking strategy.

Control Page Authority

Understand your page authority with an internal links rank score and gain an in-depth view of the internal link structure of your website.

Boost Link Equity

Gain insights into your site's existing link structure and see the potential impact that new linking opportunities could have on your search visibility and user experience.

Activate Purposeful Links

Shift from a reactive to a proactive internal linking strategy that not only directs users and search engines seamlessly through your website but also drives traffic to your crucial pages.

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You Need More Than an Internal Link Checker

Internal links are a vital aspect of any effective search engine optimization strategy. But building strong internal links requires a lot of time and resources.

In addition to being optimized for the user, an effective internal link strategy also has to send the right signals to search engines.

With massive amounts of data and pages, enterprise sites have a greater need for an in-depth internal links audit to maximize link equity and correlate results in a centralized SEO platform. This task requires a highly advanced SEO tool that goes well beyond your typical link checker.   

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A Powerful Internal Link Analyzer in an Advanced SEO Platform

Internal linking strategies produce the best results when they follow the data-backed insights of an audit.

Driven by our built-in crawler, our Internal Link Analysis tool reveals link distribution and crawl depth across all of your pages.

Beyond simply reporting on bad and broken links, Internal Link Analysis uses an advanced algorithm to display the predicted value of new links. Such insight helps SEOs strategically use internal links to enhance the users' search experience and boost the ranking power of their page or site.


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Take Control of Your Internal Link Structure

Identify high-potential pages with a low number of links for quick wins and estimate the impact of generating new links that align with your business goals. 

Internal Link Structure

Understand the Impact of Your Linking Structure

Visualize your link distribution by crawl depth, or see the count of inbound links per page in a summary graph. 

Maximize Page Potential - Internal link analysis

Maximize Page Potential

Optimize anchor text, eliminate broken internal and external links, ensure relevance, and confirm page status codes to enhance the search experience.
Identify Over-Linked Pages

Identify Over-linked Pages

Excessive links make a web page look spammy and disrupt the direct path you want users to take. Identify URLs with over 100 internal links, whether they're keyword text links, related page links, outgoing links, or image links.

Optimize Your Anchor Link Text

Optimize Anchor Text

Find pages with anchor text that needs to be updated with contextually-relevant keyword usage to provide better context to users (and search engines).
Find Broken and NoFollow Links

Find Broken and NoFollow Links

Find and fix broken internal and external links, and change appropriate nofollow links to follow links. Then monitor these adjustments to safeguard your SEO performance.

Internal Link Relationships

See Link Relationships for an Impactful Site Structure

Apply advanced filters like page URL and page status while leveraging a full link graph to show opportunities for internal linking and the potential SEO impact of adding new links.
Internal Links for Better UX

Build Internal Links to Improve User Experience

Increase user engagement metrics such as time on page while reducing metrics like bounce rate by providing the relevant internal linking pathway that users anticipate along their buyers' journey.

Optimize Crawl Budget with Good Internal Links

Optimize Your Crawl Budget

Build links to create an internal link structure that ensures users and bots see and prioritize your most important pages first.
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