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Use Internal Links to Understand Your Site Architecture

Improve search visibility when you increase the number of links, optimize anchor text, and build relevancy with the best link structure. 

Identify Pages with High Potential

Quickly find your high potential pages that have a low number of links pointing to them.

Diagnose Pages with Sub-Optimal Anchor Text

See the pages where better context should be provided to the users (and the search engines) to improve the power of your anchor text.

Improve Page Strength

Measure a page's strength by seeing the number of links pointing to it and understand the relationship between internal pages that link to each other.

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How is Internal Link Analysis Unique?

The importance of internal linking is easy to understand, but a challenge to implement. Effective internal linking requires identifying where and what links to build within your site. 

seoClarity is the only SEO platform with comprehensive analysis that reveals page relationships and sub-optimal anchor text and generates tasks to help you build impactful internal links on your site’s top pages.

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With seoClarity's Internal Link Analysis, SEOs can quickly: 

  • Understand the relationship for every page that links to another
  • Identify sub-optimal anchor text links
  • Guide the user to important pages to aid their buyer journey
  • Determine high potential internal pages with low link counts to build "link juice"
  • Locate pages with too many internal links
  • Eliminate broken pages and links
  • Guide search engine crawls of your site with a purposeful interlinking strategy
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