Dynamic Keyword & Page Groupings

Organize your site data with automatic keyword and page groupings. Use breadcrumbs, URL structure, RegEx patterns, and more to make sense of your data.

Out-of-the-Box Segmentation

Pre-built segmentation and filters get you up and running from the start: Sort data by search intent, industry, folder, sub-domain, brand and non-brand, and so much more... The choice is yours.

Set and Forget Your Segments

Set up tags and groupings, then leverage them throughout the platform and within downloads - all without the need to constantly update them.

Think about Priorities

SEO Can Be Simple… In Theory

Large websites make SEO even harder. There are multiple stakeholders who each own part of the site, not to mention the endless mountains of data.

Digging in to find an issue at scale is impossible without a way to segment SEO and categorize your site and keywords into organized, simple-for-anyone-to-understand groups.

Think about Priorities

SEO Segmentation to Make Sense of Enterprise-Level Data

Built for enterprise websites, seoClarity understands what leading SEOs need to succeed.

You can’t group keywords, pages, and categories on your site manually. Your site is dynamic, always changing, and massive!

That’s why we are the only SEO platform with pre-built and dynamic categorization to make a simple picture of your world.

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Major Retailer Saved 960+ Hours With Dynamic SEO Segmentation

This massive ecommerce website wanted to increase organic traffic, but their SEO team encountered difficulties due to the nature of their constantly evolving site taxonomy. Read how they worked with seoClarity to solve that challenge.

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Find that Digital Needle in a Haystack in One Glance

With SEO segmentation abilities as unique as your site, you’ll be able to tell a better story of your SEO data. Use pre-built segments, or build your own directly in the platform.

Pre-Built SEO Segments

Leverage pre-built categorization right out of the box. Organize data by location, top competitors, user intent, device type, subdomains, folders, page ranking, and more.


Custom Categorization

Need something site-specific? Custom segments can be built to match your site’s architecture.

Sort pages by site hierarchy using breadcrumbs, or pull unique hotel identifier codes from URLs, for example.

Use dynamic tagging to automate the creation of hyper-focused tags based on sophisticated rules, crawl data, and more. 


Sitewide Categorization

Group and sort data across the platform with saved segments using RegEx patterns, content types (for a deeper analysis into specific pages and their performance), brand vs. nonbrand, search intent, and more.

Comparing Segments

Compare Your Segments

Analyze a trended view of various pre-defined segments to compare performance across your custom grouped pages, keywords, content types, competitors, and more. 

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