Meet The Change In Mobile Search Behavior

Mobile traffic and local searches are growing at a rapid pace. Google reports that ~60% of all searches happen on a mobile device and ~20% of those contain local intent. 

With search engines prioritizing user experience and the roll-out of the mobile-first index, optimizing for mobile isn’t just a courtesy to users, it’s essential to your growth in search visibility.

With seoClarity, secure a top spot so users can always find you, no matter where they’re searching from.


Leverage Data To Secure A Top Spot On Mobile Search

Get limitless data on the mobile search experience. Understand the impact of mobile marketing efforts in a mobile-first world.

Ensure Mobile Search Visibility by Following Search Engine Behavior

Leverage a built-in site audit technology and JavaScript crawl capabiltity to ensure search engine bots index all important pages.

Gain a Comprehensive View of Mobile Opportunities

Make informed decisions on the mobile search experience with complete view of mobile opportunities and issues.

Know How Your Mobile Experience Compares to Desktop and Competitors

Gain deep insight with real-time analytics and simple on-the-fly reporting that only comes with a single, comprehensive platform.

Get Complete Visibility Into Your Mobile SEO Efforts

With seoClarity, you can monitor SEO for all devices in a single place.

Rank Clarity

See User Experience like a Search Engine

Measure and track mobile ranking for complete understanding of mobile search visibility.

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Page Speed

Reduce Bounce Rate

47% of users expect a site to download in 2 seconds or less. Find problems, optimize for faster downloads and monitor to ensure better search visibility and conversion.

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Clarity Audits

Mobile Site Audits Made Simple

Eliminate site errors for a positive mobile user experience. Advanced technical audits crawl pages including JavaScript to maintain site health.

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Bot Clarity

Connect Bot Activity to Search Visibility

Boost mobile ranking by optimizing crawl equity, improving page indexation, and finding new traffic potential.

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Competitive Insights

Gain Insight into Competitor Ranking

Track competitor ranking results, identify new and up-and-coming competition, and do on-the-fly analysis to find content opportunities across the mobile landscape.

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Research Grid

Understand Mobile Visibility Across the Web

Analyze performance for rankings and content opportunities in Google's mobile-first index. 

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