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Elevate Your SEO with Real Time, Interactive Ranking Data 

Dynamic Keyword Grouping

Segment your ranking data with AI dynamic keyword grouping by breadcrumb, URL structure, entities, topic clusters, and more

Measure SERP Features

Compare Web Rank with True Rank to see how SERP features are impacting your visibility

Advanced Filtering

Filter keywords or pages by rank type, listing count, search intent, ranking URL, SERP features, and more all on-the-fly

Hourly Rank Checks for Events/Launches

Monitor trends as they appear following events, product launches, or seasonal changes

Unlimited Competitor Comparisons

Compare ranking data for ALL of your competitors in any search engine (Google, Bing, Naver, etc.) to easily assess SERP visibility

Ranking Data at Enterprise Scale

It doesn’t matter if it’s thousands or millions of keywords/pages, track your rankings at scale with ease

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Weekly Keyword Data Just Isn’t Enough

With Google’s constant algorithm updates, volatility in SERP results from tests, and shifts in user intent, organic rankings can change in an instant.

Relying on weekly rank checkers means missing out on crucial insights. To update, optimize, and protect your rankings—and drive more traffic and conversions—you need real-time awareness of every change.

That's why enterprise brands use daily and hourly keyword rank tracking to stay ahead.


The Advantages of Daily and Hourly Ranking Data

Daily and hourly keyword rank tracking empowers SEOs to:
  • Reduce Stakeholder Confusion: Ensure ranking reports match current search results, avoiding discrepancies that reduce trust.
  • Flag Volatile Keywords: Detect daily keyword position fluctuations that a weekly rank tracker might miss.
  • Spot Keyword Cannibalization: Identify and address cannibalization issues quickly to ensure the desired URL ranks.
  • Maintain a Precise Historical Record: Keep a day-by-day record of past keyword position changes to understand the impact of algorithm updates.
  • Align Analytics and Ranking Data: Correlate daily rankings with analytics data for more accurate insights.
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Worried About Data Overload? Don’t be!

Relying solely on infrequent ranking data leads to delayed responses, resulting in missed optimization opportunities, prolonged ranking drops, and slower recovery from unforeseen changes.

When significant shifts occur, you'll be glad you can respond immediately - leverage daily rankings, and even on-demand rank checks to validate insights.

To prevent daily and hourly ranking position data from becoming overwhelming, we also provide weekly comparison options. Enjoy a clear, digestible view of your weekly trends while still having the ability to dive into daily specifics for deeper insights.

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