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    Security Is Standard, Not Supplemental

    Privacy, Security, and SLAs Designed with Enterprises at the Center


    Built for Enterprises


    Role-Based Permissions


    Secure Infrastructure

    No PII Data Collection

    seoClarity does not collect, store, or process our clients' Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

    The only PII data we might access is the email addresses of clients' employees who have been granted access to the platform. This information is strictly used for security and authentication purposes. 


    Internet Security 2


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    Multi-Tiered Security Assessment

    Secure from sign-on: Three log-in options put you in control while custom user access levels limit exposure.
    • User authentication
    • Single-sign on (SSO)
    • SAML 2.0

    Inside the platform, there’s no confidential information collection. You won’t find PII or PCI data here.

    Full adherence with GDPR and CCPA regulations adds another layer of security.

    Internet Security

    We Have the Lock (and the Key)

    A secure and reliable infrastructure to protect your data.

    We collect and own the data. There is no risk with multi-company partnerships that expose your data to third parties.

    Trusted By Over 3,500 Brands, Enterprises and Agencies

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    Ethical Use of GenAI

    seoClarity adheres to a well-established set of principles that ensure the privacy, security, and ethical use of our generative AI-driven innovations.

    We never use client data to train our models. All data is treated with the utmost confidentiality and used solely for its intended purpose. 

    These guiding principles collectively form our AI Manifesto.

    seoClarity's Secure AI Data Flow 

    The system in which our seoClarity Intelligent Assistant (SIA) processes inputs from the user interface is designed to minimize the risk of erroneous inputs and safeguard data confidentiality.

    This is accomplished through a robust moderation layer as illustrated through the data flow diagram provided.



    Users Spread

    Company-Wide Responsibility

    Security is on your mind, and ours.

    Our employees undergo on-going security training and respond to simulated scenarios to test their security aptitude.

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    Service Level Agreements

    An enterprise-class commitment to reliability, availability, scalability, and security.

    We offer a complete set of documentation available for our clients and their security teams.


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