Prevent Technical Errors.

Increase Site Performance.

Improve Search Visibility.

Slow page speeds, 404 errors, broken links…poor site performance disrupts the user experience driving users away.

Site errors also interfere with search engine access, affecting a search engine’s ability to index the page, hiding your content deep in the SERP or not showing it at all.

Technical issues undermines site usability, the first component in our Search Experience Optimization methodology.

Prevent these errors with a holistic, monitored and managed technical SEO capability.


Enhance Search Visibility with Fully Optimized Technical Elements

Prevent technical issues that prevent your site from ranking.

See All Errors

Leverage a built-in crawler to find and report all technical issues.

Optimize your Crawl Budget

Make your site easy for search engines to crawl and index.

Improve User Experience

Provide a seamless and fluid user experience with fast page downloads, active links and proper redirects.

A Scalable Technical SEO Platform

seoClarity’s scalable platform includes built-in crawler, site audit technology, and log-file analysis that provides fast and limitless reporting and insights to SEOs and digital marketers.

Clarity Audits

Guarantee a Positive User Experience

Prevent performance errors with a built-in crawler that leverages machine learning to continually find, identify, report and monitor on site architecture and page-level changes.

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Bot Clarity

See How Search Engines See Your Pages

Maximize SERP ranking with a native log file analyzer tool that uncovers errors and indexation issues that can interfere with search engine site indexing.

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Page Speed

Arrive at the Speed of Search

Every additional second of load time is an opportunity for users to continue their search elsewhere. Capitalize on micro-moments by ensuring fast page downloads to boost conversions and reduce bounce rate.

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