Automatically run a backlink analysis of your and your competitors’ link profiles at scale to identify the best backlink opportunities in seconds.

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Quickly Determine Valuable Sites for Backlinks

Compare backlink profiles across multiple domains and easily identify link gaps with a simple, automated workflow.

Identify Your True Competitors

Just pop your website’s URL into Link Gaps and unveil your top three competitors based on the percentage of keyword overlap

Find Sites Linking to Competitors, Not You

Compare the top 50,000 backlinks for your biggest competitors against your site and each other. Sort link opportunities by low, medium, and high based on competitor quantity

Target Key Backlink Opportunities

Assesses the relevance of potential backlink sites for your desired ranking topics based on the keyword overlap


Move Beyond Manual Link Gap Analysis

Skip the hassle of manually sifting through competitor backlinks and individually checking referring domains to find the most valuable backlink opportunities.

Automatically retrieve and analyze competitor backlinks, and sort them based on their shared use among competitors. 

Our ML algorithm then guides you to select the most impactful backlink sites for your target topics. 

Transform what used to take hours of work into mere seconds.


Strengthen Your Site’s Backlink Profile:

  • Identify and disavow potentially harmful links to your site before they affect rankings and search visibility. 
  • Evaluate a website’s trustworthiness based on the quality of its backlinks.
  • Pinpoint differences in your website’s link profile and those of your top competitors.
  • Easily uncover new and relevant backlink opportunities based on the wisdom of the crowds.
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