Capture Share of Visibility

Replace Share of Voice with a more accurate metric that represents your actual visibility, search volume, & more

Understand Visual Rank

Leverage page depth, pixel height, and the number of organic link opportunities to analyze ranking performance

Track AI Overviews Impact

With Google's SERP feature launch, AI Overviews, monitor in actual pixel depth to track, report, and respond

See Visibility Share in action:


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Rank Position Used to Correlate to Performance...

With the rise in SERP features pushing organic web results down, traditional rank tracker tools no longer provide a clear picture of your true position in the search results.

Even if your rankings haven't declined, you may still notice drops in CTR, impressions, and traffic.

As a result, it's hard to correlate rank position to actual SEO performance. 

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The Future of

Ranking Tracking is

Share Of Visibility

Measure the actual visibility of your pages to get insights based on today's search engine results pages. 

Replace metrics like weighted average rank and Share of Voice to accurately compare and report performance.  

While other rank checkers may tell you if your ranking is above or below the fold, or even just how far down the SERP it is, Visibility Share is the only SEO software solution that measures and forecasts true ranking performance.

How It's Different:

Traditional Rank Tracking is Broken
Brand New Way to Track Rankings
Rankings are eroded with rich results and paid placements which change your actual position on the page
Brand New Way to Track Rankings

Visual Rank counts each feature block as a rank position.

Rank position doesn’t reflect how far down your web result is or if it appears on page one
Brand New Way to Track Rankings

Pixel Depth represents how far down your URL appears. Calculation based on the pixel count and length of the page and displays the number of organic listings on page one.

Can’t apply CTR universally to traditional top rank positions as all SERPs are not created equal
Brand New Way to Track Rankings

First Fold Opportunity shows keywords where there is opportunity to rank that are worth traditional optimizations. 

Share of Voice metric is based on arbitrary CTR models
Brand New Way to Track Rankings
Share of Visibility weighs in search volume and competitors to reveal a domain’s actual visibility. 
Traditional competitor views don’t hold up
Brand New Way to Track Rankings

Top Competitor views compare your Visual Rank and Share of Visibility against unlimited  competitors on-the-fly. 

Rank Tracking Tool that Answers the Changing SERP

Visibility Share is the only rank tracking tool that allows brands to translate rank position to a true VISUAL rank. 

Accurately measure actual visibility 

Pixel Depth provides the most accurate metric of actual visibility on the SERP for any keyword, domain, or competitor.

Upgrade from SOV to share of visibility

Replace Share of Voice with Share of Visibility to access the actual visibility of your keywords relative to your competition, search volume, and more.

Compare unlimited competitors

No more restrictions on the number of sites you can compare. Unlimited competitive comparisons with any domain – all on the fly.

Prioritize first fold opportunities

Zero in on top priority opportunities based on keywords where there's an opportunity to rank within the First Fold on desktop. 

Prioritize search features to win

Uncover search features that are worth going after when they appear above organic listings on high priority queries. 

Know your domain's true position

By including the actual height of each feature on the SERP, it provides a true position of your pages top rank for a query. 

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Why It's Different

The Share of Visibility metric takes into account the actual space each search feature takes up, weighted by search volume and other factors, to give you a true measure of the visibility of your rank positions.

With this, you leverage the industry’s only SERP visibility intelligence software that can accurately measure your organic presence to accurately forecast your performance.

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