Rankings are complex

Due to Google's hyperlocal results and increasingly crowded SERPs, the first position doesn’t guarantee the traffic it once did.
It's time to say goodbye to outdated rank trackers that provide limited keyword data, outdated reports, and unreliable ranking updates.
Get a comprehensive view of your SEO performance with detailed insights, scalable tracking, and 27 data points for every keyword.

Ranking Data is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Easily track keyword rank changes and compare against competitors. Then, advance your SEO strategies with a 360-degree view of your rankings and keyword management.

Build a Solid Strategy

Daily Rank Tracking of Target Keywords

Stay a step ahead with daily or hourly ranking data updates.


Adapt to the fast pace of digital marketing

Keep up with rapidly evolving customer interests, trends, and search engine algorithm changes.

Fresh and reliable ranking data

Access quality hourly, daily, or weekly ranking data for desktop and mobile.

More on Daily and Hourly Rank Tracking >


Interactive ranking analysis

View, sort, filter, and analyze your ranking data on-the-fly. It's like your own BI tool to analyze and report your rankings. 


Act on your results as they occur

Respond and strategize with accurate performance metrics of your search visibility.

Confidently execute A/B tests

Get daily insights to quickly evaluate the success of landing page tests and optimizations.


Share of Visibility

Understand your brand's true share of visibility amid Google's crowded SERP features with pixel rank tracking.

More on Visual Rank Tracking >


Accurate, Reliable Tracking - Globally

Track rank positions internationally, localy, or anywhere in between.


The world's ONLY geo-targeted ranking infrastructure

Rank checking is done with geo-targeted IPs in the regions targeted, removing bias to provide the most accurate keyword position.

Not a day of ranking results missed. EVER.

Our proprietary infrastructure has layers of backup to ensure all ranking data is always processed and available daily.


Keyword rankings in 190+ Countries & 200+ Languages

Get rankings in all major languages for all major search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, and Naver. Find a search engine we don't track? Just ask and we'll add it!

Verify with actual SERP previews

See the actual page crawled with SERP previews directly available within the platform. Put your mind at ease with proof of the actual rank position.

Unlimited Tracking

No artificial limitations. Slice, dice, and analyze all the data in any way you want.

Explore Enterprise Rank Tracking


Unlimited tracked keywords.

No matter your scale, get the data you need to inform strategic decisions and drive effective SEO strategies.

Unlimited competitor comparisons.

Analyze the performance of any domain, sub-domain, or URL across your tracked keywords.


Unlimited tag groups.

Organize keywords however you like with a smart tag group and attributes system.


Unlimited metrics.

Choose from 27+ metrics, including Average Rank, Weighted Average Rank, Share of Voice, and Visibility Share.


Unlimited reporting.

Create unlimited dashboard views using any of the 140+ visualizations, or build your own with our dynamic visualization builder.


Unlimited analysis.

Perform interactive ranking analysis. Sort, filter, and analyze rankings by any metric, page, tag, or rank position without exporting data. 


Fast, Easy Access to All Your Ranking Data

Access any element of your ranking results and export however and whenever you like.

Explore the Ranking Data API


Hundreds of Accessible Exports

Export any table or chart without limits. Access up to a million rows in an instant.


Powerful Ranking Data API

Use our APIs to download keyword ranking data, search volumes, CPCs, reporting summaries, and more.


Customizable Data Extracts

Have limited development resources to work with API's? We can export all your ranking data to an SFTP, S3, or other location daily.


Internal Data Warehouse Integrations

Need to import data into your own warehouse? Our technical team will ensure you get the data you need for your processes.


Integrations with BI Tools

Use Tableau, Power BI or Google Data Studio? Talk to us about data integrations.

Local Rankings

Get all the geo-ranking capabilities of specialized local SEO tools.

More About Local Rank Tracking


Track local rankings anywhere

Precise ranking data from any location worldwide, with visibility at the state, city, zip code, zip code level with radius, or even GPS coordinates.


Understand local search volume

Analyze your performance against the demand for your keywords in the specific location

Hone in on local competitors

Find out who dominates the local SERP rankings in different areas and track changes in their performance.


Secure Google Map listings

Get ranking data for the top 20 local business results from Google Maps and view local map 3-pack results on the SERP.

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Specialized Rankings

Rank tracking for all countries & specialized search engines.


Google Maps Business Results

Specialized ranking for the top 20 local business results from Google Maps. Track local SERP visibility in the local map 3-pack for you and your competitors.


YouTube Rankings

Track how YouTube video rankings correlate to video views on your channel and related videos. Understand your video’s rank and sub-rank position for the video carousel in the SERPs.


Google Jobs Rankings

Optimize job listings for Google Jobs to attract prospective employees with insight into search behavior and key queries.

Google shopping

Google Shopping Rankings

Track the rank of your organic listing in Google Shopping.

google images rank tracking

Google Images Rank Tracking

Rank tracking for the top 100 results in Google Images for daily, weekly, or ad hoc updates.


App Store Rankings

Access rankings for the iTunes App Store and Google Play store.


Amazon Rank Tracking

Gain insight into how your product listings are ranking on the world's largest eCommerce site.
Google SERP Features Mockup v2

Full SERP Visibility

Learn what content types work best for every keyword intent based on which search features appear.

Uncover Your SERP Visibility


Google Local Pack

Understand what keywords trigger the Google Local Pack and the visibility it has in the SERPs.

Google Job Pack

Track where Google Jobs is shown in the SERP and your position within the pack. Plus, access the full listing results. 


Google Image Results

Understand your performance in Google Images and implement techniques to improve image optimization.


Google Video Carousel

Learn which keywords trigger the SERP video carousel and where your video content ranks within it.

Featured Snippets / Answer Box

Know what keywords trigger featured snippets and Answer Boxes within your industry and which competitors you need to win over.

App Store Carousel

Learn where your app appears in the App Store carousel to improve its visibility.

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“I love this platform. It's a part of my entire process - from planning and producing targeted content to tracking existing pages and keywords aligned to those pages, to tracking the promotion of the published content and ultimately measuring our performance.”
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How is seoClarity Unique in Tracking Rankings?


seoClarity transcends typical rank checkers by owning and providing our data directly, ensuring you get fresh, reliable daily ranking updates without delays.

We provide:

  • Daily (or weekly) keyword ranking
  • Full transparency with a SERP preview
  • Unlimited competitor comparisons
  • Additional search engine ranking like 24-hour rank checks, video rankings, Google Jobs search results, and more
  • Automated ranking reports or do ad hoc, on-the-fly analysis
  • Full backlink index to compliment your ranking data with integration from Majestic®
  • Integration with Google Analytics to correlate your SEO metrics like rankings, organic traffic, conversions, revenue, and more.

Move from basic ranking data to complete visibility of your ranking performance.
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