The Convergence of Data and Quality Content

SEO and content marketers are abuzz about the concept of quality content. Everything you currently read or hear about SEO describes how important it is to create "quality" content. In fact, it’s been a hot topic for a few years based on the resulting “content chaos”.

Did you realize that more content is posted online in one minute than an individual can consume in a lifetime? Check out these stats from Smart Insights where every minute there are:

  • 500 hours of video uploaded on YouTube;
  • 1,440 posts uploaded on WordPress;
  • 448,800 tweets posted to Twitter;
  • And the list goes on!

Once the industry coined the phrase "Content is King", the approach of creating content turned chaotic, and the direction seemed that we published content until we finally found something that resonated with our audience.

The challenge with this approach? It wastes valuable resources of time, talent, and money.

What's more? Less than 25-percent report content "success" from B2B content marketers in those efforts. 

So, what does quality content really mean? How does your team go about writing so-called quality content, and what's your next move?

This Guide Delivers: 

  • Background and results of content "chaos"
  • Key metrics of engagement
  • What search reveals about your audience
  • Strategies to become a subject-matter expert
  • Step-by-step guide to create data-driven content
  • Checklist for a data-focused content strategy

Download the complete guide to a data-driven content strategy to get your content development on the right track. 

Download the Content Marketers Guide to a Data-Driven Content Strategy