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Clarity Audits analyzes factors such as site architecture and page changes, as well as errors that impact search engine indexation and performance. It’s the only intelligent crawl technology that continuously learns and evolves to identify new issues over time.

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Includes JavaScript crawls with full rendering support

Identify Its Importance in SEO

Error-Proof Your Site at Scale with an Advanced SEO Site Audit Tool

Optimize continuously with the most advanced website audit technology that learns to improve your site’s health over time.

Deeper Analysis

Prioritize Issues With An Advanced Technical Audit

Every page crawled is analyzed against 40+ advanced technical health checks. The site audit identifies hard to find issues that impact indexing and content performance.

Fast, Rich Insights

Reveal Insights At A Glance

Monitor progress, recognize content issues, and analyze your changes over time with a beautiful audit reporting interface designed to be easily shared with team members.

Optimize Continuously

Achieve Flexibility With No-Limit Crawls

With no restrictions, create multiple crawl projects for different sections of your site or even different environments to see issues that affect your own site exactly how your user and search engines see it. 


What Makes Clarity Audits Unique?

Powered by Clarity Grid, our customizable crawl technology, leverages trillions of connected data points to provide the intelligent analysis to continuously learn and grow to automatically detect new issues over time.

Now Clarity Audits connects to Clarity Grid to power site health. It’s designed to crawl 5x faster and analyze more 40+ (and growing) technical health checks that impact your search visibility.

Rest assured that no page errors or duplicate content will escape our powerful SEO audit technology.


Customizable Crawl Projects

Manage and analyze full site, ad-hoc, dev crawls and more. Compare customized crawls with the project-based interface to track progress and monitor trends from implemented updates and content changes.

Unlimited Page Crawls

Access to the insights when you need them without restrictions and 5x faster crawls, Clarity Audits provides a no-limit to number of pages crawled and manages multiple crawl-projects at one time.

More Powerful Internal Link Analysis

Traverse and analyze your own internal link graph. The most powerful way to re-align your link equity and help search engines identify your most important content.

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