Understand the Basics of Technical SEO

With Our Short-and-Sweet Marketer's Guide

Dive into the basics of technical SEO from this guide and learn:

  • The importance of external and internal links
  • How to improve site speed, meta descriptions, and on-page SEO
  • When to use 301 redirects and canonical tag structure
  • The benefits of conducting a site audit
  • How to implement structured data or schema markup
  • Differences between relative and absolute URLs
  • Various technical SEO components such as title tags, HTTP header responses, and sitemaps

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Creating basic content for your site is one thing, but creating content that's valuable to the user, is authoritative, and appears in desired search results for your keyword set takes some work and technical prowess. Marketers tend to shy away from making the small tweaks that add relevance behind content, simply because they don't understand how to do it.

Technical SEO updates are important, and can impact:

  • Search engine crawling,
  • Indexation,
  • The user experience,
  • Search visibility and ranking,
  • Page speed and page load time,
  • and much, much more.

Technical issues undermine your site's usability, the first component in our Search Experience Optimization methodology, so it's imperative to monitor and pay attention to the technical SEO best practices that can improve your site's performance. 

We chose 7 key takeaways from our SEO experts and shared the answers to marketers' most burning technical SEO questions, presenting their expertise in an easy-to-comprehend format. Technical SEO doesn't have to be difficult, and the challenges you face are presented in a straightforward format to help you drive SEO success.

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Looking for an advanced way to thoroughly address all of your technical SEO concerns? Refer to our post, The Best SEO Audit Checklist to Boost Search Visibility and Rankings, for our free checklist to walk you through a comprehensive technical site audit.