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Heading Tags

Heading tags are part of a site's HTML that are used to define headings and subheadings on a web page.


Title Tags

A title tag informs search engines on what a page is about, and can be used in a search listing's presentation on the SERP.


Canonical Tags

A canonical tag tells a search engine that a group of similar (or duplicate) pages has a preferred version to be indexed.


Base Tags

The tag can be used to specify the base URL for all relative URLs on a page. Continue reading to learn more about how this HTML element ...


Hreflang Tag

The hreflang tag tells search engines which version of a web page to serve to users when there are language or regional differences that change the ...


Meta Descriptions

A meta description acts as mini advertisement that shows searchers your SERP listing is the right match for their query - all in an effort to boost ...