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Forecast monthly organic traffic increases with predictive traffic modeling. Then use this data to prioritize SEO and content projects with real dollars and cents ROI based on your own data with CTR and CVR variables.

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Predict Your Biggest SEO Gains

Move past Google sheets and spreadsheets, report on ROI and identify gaps within the platform. Source historical data, site and search analytics to build models to forecast traffic potential to prioritize your SEO campaigns.   

Apply Custom Metrics

Every URL, keyword and page contains a wealth of data. Use custom metrics to create variable models with integration from Google Search Console for CTR and site analytics with CVR and AOV. Plus, it takes into account ranking changes to present ROI data in a way that uncovers opportunities. 

See the Highest Value Efforts

Evaluate search volume and CPC models to see the recognize opportunities to increase traffic (and conversions) based on rank positions to gain buy-in and prioritize relevant data to drive more traffic for a higher return on investment.

Reveal Your Site's Potential

Estimate the traffic growth before launching a new product, category, service, or an SEO campaign to understand how it will impact your site and business performance. Use search volume, customizable CTR model and/or CVR from your site's exact data. 


519% Growth in Traffic for Digital Publishing Company Thanks to Insights from seoClarity

This digital publishing company craved traffic growth but lacked the insights needed to drive change. With seoClarity, they were able to improve their traffic and determine how to continue on their positive trajectory.  

Find Out How

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Your Single Source for Traffic Potential Insights

Even though update search engine algorithms cause ranking fluctuations, seoClarity makes it possible to identify and monitor search visibility and the traffic that follows. It reveals new opportunities to maximize opportunities contained within your data to guide content planning, capitalize on user trends, product launches, new services, or landing pages.

With customizable SEO forecasting, you'll realize organic traffic opportunities with less effort with our traffic potential template to prioritize opportunities that drive a ROI throughout your digital marketing efforts.

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With seoClarity's SEO Forecasting Tool, You Can:

  • Build ROI, ranking and percentage traffic reporting models for quick analysis

  • Predict traffic and its potential return

  • Filter for advanced content metrics

  • Prioritize the right content gaps to guide plans for maximum impact

  • Customize the analysis with your site's click-through rate, conversion rate and average order value
  • Optimize content or create new pages to enhance your users’ search experience

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