Tired of wasting time, money, and resources on ineffective SEO strategies?

Determine which projects will result in the most organic traffic and conversions using predictive traffic modeling based on your own data with CTR and CVR variables. 

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Predict Your Biggest SEO Gains

Creating Google Sheets and Excel spreadsheets to report on ROI wastes valuable time.

Our platform uses historical data, site analytics, and search analytics to forecast traffic potential and quickly prioritize the most impactful SEO campaigns even if you don't have ranking data.

Apply Custom Metrics

Harness a wealth of SEO data by using custom metrics to build flexible models. These models integrate historical data, Google Search Console for CTR, site analytics for CVR and AOV, and consider ranking changes to reveal ROI opportunities.

See the Highest Value SEO Efforts

Discover traffic (and conversion) opportunities based on keyword rankings to gain buy-in and prioritize digital marketing strategies that drive ROI by analyzing search volume and CPC models.

Reveal Your Site's Potential

Predict the impact of a new product, category, service, or SEO campaign on your site's performance before launch. Use search volume, a customizable CTR model, and/or your site's conversion rate data to estimate traffic growth.


519% Growth in Traffic for Digital Publishing Company Thanks to Insights from seoClarity

This digital publishing company craved traffic growth but lacked the insights needed to drive change. With seoClarity, they were able to improve their website traffic and determine how to continue on their positive trajectory.  

Find Out How

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Your Single Source for Traffic Potential Insights

Anyone can figure out the ROI for your site, but can you tell key stakeholders how you will actually increase their sales?

Customizable SEO forecasting with seoClarity enables you to uncover untapped potential in your data, find organic traffic opportunities, guide content planning, and capitalize on user trends with ease.

Use our traffic potential template to prioritize initiatives that provide a strong ROI for your digital marketing strategies.

→ How to Forecast Organic Traffic by Improved CTR [Template]

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With seoClarity's SEO Forecasting Tool, you can:

  • Build ROI, ranking, and percentage traffic reporting models for quick analysis

  • Predict website traffic and its potential return for every business in your organization

  • Filter for advanced content metrics

  • Prioritize the right content gaps to guide plans for maximum impact

  • Customize the analysis with your site's click-through rate, conversion rate, and average order value
  • Optimize content or create new pages to rank on the SERPs and enhance your users’ search experience


FAQs About SEO Forecasting

How to I build a business case with SEO forecasting data?

Forecasting traffic potential helps build a data-driven SEO business case, linking SEO goals to ranking improvements, increased profits, and other goals that demonstrate the value of your SEO strategy. 

To create an SEO business case using SEO forecasting data, follow these six steps:  

  1. Gather CTR data for mobile, desktop, brand, and non-brand.
  2. Apply the CTR model to estimate current performance based on keyword search volume.
  3. Compare estimates with actual analytics for adjustments.
  4. Conduct keyword research to assess competitiveness using Adwords CPC data.
  5. Project rank growth and apply CTR for return forecasts.
  6. Present your business case!
For more detail on how to build an SEO business case using SEO forecasting data, check out our complete guide.
How can I gain quick visibility wins using SEO forecasting data?

Here are four ways to act on SEO forecasting data for quick wins: 

  1. Calculate your current rate of growth and compare outcomes with or without additional SEO investment to showcase the impact of SEO efforts on rankings and visibility. 
  2. Combine your keyword map with visibility predictions to identify opportunities to expand content and increase search visibility. 
  3. Use tags to identify the most underserved portions of your site by correlating your SEO forecast with sales goals.  
  4. Evaluate internal and external links to strengthen your biggest SEO opportunities identified in the forecast. 

For more details on how to achieve quick visibility wins using SEO forecasting data, check out our blog!

How can I identify my organic traffic potential?

Updated search engine algorithms cause ranking fluctuations, often making it hard to monitor search visibility and the traffic that follows.

Here's how to identify your organic traffic potential using our SEO forecasting tool:

  1. Create your keyword map.
  2. Tag your keywords in seoClarity to segment and get a more granular analysis.
  3. Determine potential optimization opportunities using Traffic Potential.
  4. Filter by keyword tags to identify even more opportunities for improvement.

For more detailed insight into this SEO forecasting workflow, check out our blog!


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