Prioritize and prune your keyword research with an accurate and calculated SEO keyword difficulty score that is based on more metrics than just domain authority or the number of backlinks.

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Prioritize Easy-To-Rank Keywords

Find keywords from seoClarity's Keyword Difficulty tool based on the entire analysis of the SERP. It helps marketers leverage the power of web pages based on a combination of factors such as rankings, links, topical authority, and more. 

Save Time and Money

Your resources are valuable - you need a score that draws on a combination of factors to help you make better decisions on what keywords and pages to prioritize that will drive incremental organic search traffic.

Prioritize Keywords with Potential

Discover pages that have potential for those top traffic positions and prioritize SEO campaigns based on low keyword competition in the top 10 results like specific long-tail keywords.

Use More Than Just Links

Understand your page strength using a range of metrics like rankings, search volume, volatility, backlinks, trends, and more. Optimize and locate opportunities based on the full picture of a page's strength.

Apply Search Intent, CPC, & More

Consider all factors that might give your page a chance to rank and what effort might be required to do so. The platform helps marketers conduct and evaluate the entire scope of ranking potential.

Evaluates Billions of Data Points for You

Leverage a robust machine learning algorithm, together with AI within the platform to quickly determine your keyword difficulty from ranges of Easy, Medium, Hard, and Very Hard.

Realize the Strength of Top Pages

Recognize how strong your page is compared to top ranking pages with a full SERP analysis. The overall page strength, SERP features, and more tell you to prioritize the best keywords that you have a potential to rank.

How is seoClarity's Keyword Difficulty Score Different?

It's a revolutionary way to calculate a metric that is long outdated. After more than two years of testing, our development team created a keyword difficulty score using an advanced machine learning to create a new combination of metrics to determine how difficult it is to rank for a keyword.

Outdated Models
seoClarity Keyword Difficulty
Score based on domain strength and backlinks alone.
seoClarity Keyword Difficulty

Knowledge of the entire page's strength using machine learning algorithms based on trillions of data points.

Increasingly weaker correlation between backlinks and top ranking pages.
seoClarity Keyword Difficulty

Validated against 10 million keywords a day and refreshed on-the-fly as new data is collected and updated. 

Lacks page and keyword intent with the ranking opportunity.
seoClarity Keyword Difficulty
Integrates a range of metrics including ranking trends and volatility with keyword intent data to find low keyword difficulty opportunities.
Keyword Difficulty v3.0_Keyword Difficulty

Keyword Difficulty Integrated Throughout the Platform

Outdated keyword difficulty scores rely on ranking factors that are simply outdated and no longer hold true in the sophistication of AI and machine learning that search engines now deploy. SEO experts need a way to look at keyword difficulty with a 360-degree view of search results and all the factors of the pages to determine how difficult it is to rank for a query or topic in top traffic-driving positions.

Built on the Clarity Grid infrastructure, using trillions of data points from our Research Grid, it evaluates topical authority, keyword rankings, search volume, keyword intent, backlinks, trends, volatility, and so much more.

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