Identify Page Speed Issues at Scale

With centralized Lighthouse Google PageSpeed Insights and consolidated reports, scale user experience improvements and spend less time identifying technical issues.

Optimize for Desktop and Mobile Devices

Leverage technology test and track down the technical causes of web browser and website load problems, monitor and produce performance improvement reports.

Page Speed Reporting in a Single View

Run custom reports to see change over time to identify problems and limit the negative impact of slow page loading. It's the ultimate user experience report.

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Scalable Page Speed Doodle v1

Page Speed Performance Monitoring at Scale is a Problem

Page speed equals conversions which equals revenue, especially on mobile devices. Users may leave if it takes more than 3 seconds for a page to load.

While free tools and a free website speed test like Google's PageSpeed Insights reveals search engine recognized page load time issues, it does so slowly. One. Page. At. A. Time.

For a large ecommerce or enterprise site, a free tool may be budget-friendly, but it can be a productivity killer. SEOs, digital marketers and website developers need a faster way to do a page speed test and find problems on both mobile and desktop pages.



Scalable Website Performance Speed Test

seoClarity integrates the Lighthouse Google PageSpeed Insights and Core Web Vitals metrics for instant speed optimization reporting and monitoring.

Regular page speed check updates ensure anyone concerned about page speed has the information readily available and at scale. An intuitive interface and customizable reporting make Page Speed Analysis unparalleled for productivity - and an incredible user experience.

Leverage Google PageSpeed Insights & Core Web Vitals Metrics for Web Performance Monitoring at Scale

Use the actual Google PageSpeed insights analysis engine at scale within seoClarity on a weekly or monthly basis, or even ad-hoc speed score reporting as needed for a specific desktop or mobile page.

Customized Views

See Every Managed Web Page in a Single View

Page speed charts and tables make finding, sorting and filtering web page size and speed issues fast and simple.
Speed Score-1

Page Optimization Score

See page score, average page score, score distribution and top issues on desktop and mobile device web pages.

Provides Chrome Load Times

Maximize your Chrome user experience for enhanced search engine and site performance.
Desktop or Mobile

Prevent Load Time Issues Affecting Rankings

Ensure desktop and mobile pages load speed to please the search engine and user. 

Regular Web Page Speed Checks

Get weekly or monthly Google page speed testing and reporting of each managed page.
Disallowed by Google Mobile

Remove Render-blocking JavaScript Files

Uncover when HTML references block external JS files in the above-the-fold section of the page.
Page Speed v2__Ad Hoc Site Speed Test

Run Ad Hoc Site Speed Test

Test specific pages as needed and get instant reporting to deal with issues as they arise.
Page Speed v2__Optimize Image Size

Image Optimization

Find opportunities to optimize image file-size without affecting quality.
Page Speed v2__Optimize CSS

Optimize CSS File for Faster Site Loads

See pages with render blocking external stylesheets that delay page load time.

Reduce Bounce Rate, Increase Conversion Rate

Use the breakdown of every issue, what it is, and how it's affecting your pages. Resolve issues to keep users engaged with lower bounce rates.
Mobile Loading Issue-1

Focus on Mobile Page Speed

Mobile pages need to load fast to drive conversions and engagement. View, compare, and monitor your mobile page speeds to detect issues and opportunities to improve.
Page Speed v2__Prevent Load Time Issues

Improve Browser Caching for a Faster Site Load

Identify when your server does not include caching headers or short-term caching of resources.
Page Speed v2__Scalable Page Performance

Scalable Page Performance

Identify infrastructure bottlenecks with granular, URL level reports on Time to First Byte, rendering time, HTTP requests, site speed and more.
Page Speed v2__Opportunities to Improve

Opportunities to Improve Page Speed

Compare a trended week over week or month over month view of page speed scores at page, subdomain, or folder level to track score changes across device (for desktop and mobile site scoring).
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