With Page Speed Analysis

Monitor, track and measure page speed performance for all managed pages in a single view. View page speed scores for all mobile and desktop pages. Run custom reports to see change over time. Prevent issues that interrupt your users' experience.

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See Page Load Speed Scores for all Pages at a Glance

Powered by Google’s Page Speed Tool, Page Speed Analysis consolidates page speed reporting in one view to quickly identify problems and limit the negative impact of slow page loading.

Maximize Efficiency

Let technology do the work and spend less time testing, monitoring and producing page speed reports.

Focus on Mobile Page Speed

Mobile pages need to load fast to drive conversions and engagement. View, compare and monitor your mobile page speeds to detect issues and opportunities to improve. 

Identify Page Speed Issues at Scale

Spend more time improving the user experience and less time finding page speed problems with single view reporting.


Page Speed Analysis Made Simple

seoClarity integrates Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool for instant page speed reporting. SEOs, digital marketers and developers rely on this tool for fast identification of problems on mobile and desktop pages. An intuitive interface and customizable reporting makes Page Speed Analysis unparalleled for productivity and an incredible user experience.


With seoClarity’s Page Speed Analysis, SEOs can:

  • Customize views based on time range and assigned keyword tags
  • View speed scores in one view for all pages
  • Choose desktop or mobile devices
  • Identify quickly all mobile page load issues
  • See pages disallowed by Google Mobile-Friendly Tool
  • Deliver quick insight to marketing to drive UX and revenue
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