Advanced Server Log-File Analysis

Only Bot Clarity analyzes your log-files and allows correlation between bots, rankings and analytics.


See Bot Clarity in action:


Uncover Crawl Potential with Bot Clarity – Powerful Log-File Analyzer

Take control of your site’s organic search performance when you master bot accessibility and optimize your site’s crawl budget.

Identify Errors Quickly

Discover opportunities, errors and issues with search engine crawls from log-file analysis before it affects rankings

Optimize Crawl Budget

Understand your site’s in-demand pages and the crawl rate to optimize your crawl equity.

Improve Indexation

Identify the pages that the bots are missing to ensure your most important pages get indexed

Monitor Mobile Site Crawls

Compare crawl behavior between mobile and desktop bots to ensure the bots access and index the right content for the right device.

Find New Traffic Potential

Discover high importance pages that bots aren’t crawling and identify pages that could be skipped

Tie Bot Activity to Performance

Connect analytics and rankings with bot activity to increase search visibility


How is Bot Clarity Unique?

seoClarity is the only SEO technology platform to deliver a robust and powerful log-file analysis solution as part of its main offering. In addition, it’s the only bot analysis to connect bot activity to the actual end results impacted by bot activity.

It discovers search engine crawl issues and opportunities as soon as they arise. It’s fast, efficient, and scales your site health to a whole new level.


Bot Clarity empowers you to:

  • Find Broken Links, Errors & Redirects
  • View Most Crawled URLs & Site Sections
  • View Least Frequently Crawled URLs & Site Sections
  • Review Bot Crawl Frequency
  • View Bot IP Crawl Activity
  • Find Uncrawled URLs
  • Detect Dead-End URLs
  • Combine & Compare Crawl Data
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