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Spot Changes Before Disaster Happens

Monitor 100+ potential changes that affect SEO "out of the box." Add custom elements for your or your competitors' pages. Set different groups of pages to be monitored daily or hourly for complete flexibility.

Parses Each Critical Page Element

Easily compare what changed in chronological order, view groups of the same changes across all pages for an easy detection of widespread change, and see a comparison of parsed content.

Multiple Custom Alert Options

Set up custom alerts for the severity of changes, and add custom elements of what you want tracked in addition to the "out of the box" SEO factors that are already set-up. Alerts and archival changes detected for the entire HTML, JS, CSS, and more

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So Many Website Changes, and No One Tells the SEO Team

Within most organizations, so many people are responsible for making changes to the website — developers, UX teams, product and merchandising managers, digital marketers, etc. These changes can negatively impact SEO. Guess what? No one is notifying the SEO team, yet when big ranking declines happen or a major drop in traffic occurs, you are the one left to figure out what changed and when it changed.


Empowering SEOs to Protect Rankings, Traffic, and Revenue

Leveraging our global scale crawling infrastructure, we developed an enterprise-level webpage change monitoring system to crawl and alert SEO teams of critical changes when they happen so you can proactively investigate and react before the changes cause the business a negative result in traffic, revenue, or rankings.

Act Quickly on the Problems That Appear

Competing interests from different teams leave SEOs in the dark. Monitor critical pages, be notified with real-time alerts, and take charge to address issues proactively.


Comprehensive Monitoring

Monitor changes for nearly every imaginable SEO factor: Changes in titles and meta-descriptions to H1's and H2's, canonicals even AMPHTML links, HREFlang, viewport, Schema and more.

Custom Change Tracking

Specify custom elements to monitor on any page or groups of pages — extending your monitoring to what's custom or unique to your site. Limitless opportunities to monitor ANYTHING that is unique to your site.

Flexible Monitoring

Choose between once a day or hourly monitoring options for real-time alerting in case of issues or changes. Set groups of pages for the frequency you want.

Customizable Alerts

Configure alerts to trigger only on specific types of changes, what page group type, and on the severity of the issue (Low, Medium, High, or Critical).

competitor insights

Monitor Competitor Pages

Monitor any page on the web and track changes made on your competitor pages to identify when changes on their pages are made or new capabilities, services, or features are added.
infrastructure issues

Detect Infrastructure Issues

Track intermittent failures like high server loads or underlying system that powers a page or content from a section of your pages.
technical issues

Monitor Technical Issues

Recognize if technical issues cause inconsistency in how pages render or are served impact the content that is displayed on your pages.


Your Own Wayback Machine

Preserve a copy of your entire page for validation, and easily compare the pages to see what's missing or changed.

analytics and reporting

Monitor Specific Tracking Tags

Not only can you monitor visible content, you can also track and look for specific tags that go missing — from Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and other tracking tags that you expect to be on your pages.

archival backups

Archival Quality Backups

Every time a change is detected, we store an archival quality backup of the entire HTML and all key resources on the page — JS, CSS, and related assets — which allows you to see EXACTLY how the page looked before and after the change.
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