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Move away from 5% visibility with Google Search Console to ~100% visibility. Applied with deep-learning, seoClarity’s Search Analytics gives you a clear picture of all search terms that drive traffic to your site.


Reach Your Site’s Traffic Potential with Search Analytics

Gain ~100% visibility into keywords driving traffic

Understand the Intent of Organic Searches

Correlate keyword level data with all of your other SEO metrics with our advanced machine-learning capabilities.

Analyze Brand vs Non-Brand Accurately

Finally report and analyze your brand keywords performance and gain insights into your non-brand performance.

Boost Your Page-Level Performance

See how well your page is optimized for the actual keyword(s) its targeting.


45x the Keyword Performance Data

As part of seoClarity’s machine-learning capabilities, Search Analytics is the ONLY enterprise platform to reveal 90-100% match of keywords actually driving traffic to your site.

Built on the Clarity Grid, you can connect to a multitude of data sources to manage and drive performance on the exact search terms to initiate greater search visibility. And, it allows you to filter, dynamically update, and apply interactive analysis on the fly.


With Search Analytics, you can now effectively:

  • Track keywords that drive traffic to what page
  • Determine how well a page is optimized for the terms it’s targeting
  • Identify opportunities for new content ideas from definite performance
  • Access historical data available with integration
  • Recognize keyword potential and opportunities
  • Understand search intent matched with page-level content
  • Discover differences in mobile and desktop performance
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