seoClarity’s deep Analytics integration provides access to ALL your organic search data right from within the platform – No more having to keep switching from tool to tool.

Additionally, seamless integration with all of your SEO metrics means you can now use our patented cause and effect analysis to build the true ROI of your efforts.

Full API integration allowing for many levels of visitor data

DATA CONNECTORS – Adobe Partner Integration back into the development ecosystem

Full integration of many versions of Coremetrics to present IBM Digital Analytics.

Full integration and lifetime data storage at no additional cost

SITECATALYST – Full data integration including 12 months historical data & custom goal reporting

Leverage your favorite Coremetrics  organic reports  in Explore by importing to seoClarity for deeper insights.

Integrate multi-channel digital behavior that impacts SEO

DATA WAREHOUSE – Custom integration pulling in any visitor data metrics

Bring in advanced analytics data for deep dive Search Experience reporting.

Content Management System


From analyzing your data to organizing your SEO efforts​ and now, impacting the change. seoClarity CMS integrations allow you to seamlessly and securely deploy changes to your Dev or QA environments without leaving the platform.

Custom integration allowing SEO workflows to push back into the development ecospace

Build an integration to keep all SEO efforts within seoClarity

Data Storage


Extract, transform and load any data point, report or analysis collected by seoClarity into your favorite data storage system for long term storage, integration into your internal data warehouse and more.

OMNITURE GENESIS – Adobe Partner Integration to push seoClarity analytics back into SiteCatalyst

Build an Enterprise SEO data cloud storage system with this custom integration

Extend your data storage and security measures with custom integration


Both FTP and SFTP data exchanges used for many integration types

Let seoClarity support your data ecosystem by delivering historical data to your data warehouse



Combine pay-per-click data with organic and detect patterns, opportunities and issues between the two channels effortlessly.

Full API Integration allowing for Keyword Pay-Per-Click metrics to compare to organic performance

Enterprise data integration providing rich Pay-Per-Click and SEO  performance

Simple integration to maximize paid search visibility

Custom Integration of Pay-Per-Click keyword comparisons

Extend visibility of paid ads across multiple search engines