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seoClarity Microsoft Excel Plugin

Unlock the power of seoClarity data with Microsoft Excel

seoClarity’s Excel plugin allow you to easily integrate key data from within the seoClarity platform into any of your Excel spreadsheets.  

You can:

  • Download ranking performance for your tracked keywords in bulk,
  • Download keyword tag level performance metrics in bulk
  • Download the list of issues discovered for any Site Audit
  • Merge with other data sources 
  • Automate internal reports
  • Archive the data
  • Share with others without providing access to seoClarity
  • Build your own dashboards and visualizations 
  • Run custom analysis  

and much more. 


You’ll need your seoClarity API key to use the Excel plugin. 

If you have Admin privileges for a profile, you can generate an API key via the Settings > Integrations > API Access 

 Click the Generate Token link to generate a unique API Key tied to your login and the profile you are working in. 


Need Support? 

Support requests can be submitted to or by logging into the seoClarity platform and navigating to