Customizable Site Crawler

Define crawl speed, depth and when, where, and how your crawls will run. Run full site crawls for the big picture or zoom in to a specific target for in-depth, page-level analysis.

Trend Crawl Data

Compare crawls to track how your site is performing over time. With scheduled reports and regular crawls, access the information quickly to resolve issues fast.

Battle Tested Crawler

Every crawl receives its own instance which eliminates artificial limitations other crawling tools have. Analyze, monitor, and track progress with a crawler that works in real time. 


Google Ranking Step Chart v1.0-1

Technical SEO Tied to Site Performance

Website performance is tied to both the experience of your end user and how easily search engines can access and crawl your site.

Technical SEO issues like broken internal links, absent meta descriptions, weak page titles and more drive a wedge between a brand and its users, not to mention confusing the search engine. If your content quality is top-notch, it’s useless if users get a 404 error page or experience slow page loads on the way there.

Website crawlers are essential, but as a website grows to an enterprise-level size, the size and scope of what can go wrong makes technical SEO hard. Fixing SEO issues isn’t the hard part. Finding and managing them is.

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Focus on Fixing Issues Instead of Finding

We developed an SEO site crawler that leverages AI to maximize SEO spider data extraction and eliminate the high cost of manual labor involved with managing technical SEO issues. Now, you can crawl 1,000 pages in a matter of seconds, collect and see the data, and then organize it - letting you focus on fixing instead of finding.

For maximum time efficiency, we made the crawler fully customizable. Crawl a full site or do an ad hoc page-level analysis, and set the depth of the crawl, too. Dashboards and on-the-fly reporting allow you to see all the relevant crawl data immediately.

Customizable, Scalable Website Crawler Tool that Crawls Javascript Sites Too

Crawl your entire site, your sitemap, a list of URLs or a specific section of your site. Analyze with the ability to compare crawls or extract the data for your complete analysis. 

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Set Your Own Crawl Depth

Adjust the number of pages crawled, select a specific folder or collection of pages, or crawl your entire site for a full picture.

Export Unlimited Crawl Data

See the issues and opportunities for every list of URLs crawled with fast, simple and unlimited exports.

Optimize Crawl Speed and Limit

Set crawl speed to influence the number of pages they’ll retrieve per second. Specify the crawl limit, too. Restrict a crawl to access a thousand pages per day.
Clarity Audit Icons v1_See Javascript Like Google

Crawl JavaScript

Find out if content and links modified by JavaScript are rendered correctly for search engines to index. Find out how crawlable your pages are with and without JavaScript rendering enabled.


Compare Crawls Side-by-Side

Easily analyze what has changed from one crawl date to the next directly in the platform’s UI to determine which issues were resolved, and which have newly surfaced.

Pagination Crawl

Conduct a dedicated pagination crawl to validate URLs discovered with the rel=prev/next directive.
Clarity Audit Icons v1_Prioritize SEO Issues

Capture Full Hreflang Annotations

Our crawler can analyze your pages' Hreflang annotations, validate if they are correct and detect any issues that may prevent your site from serving the right content in the search results.

Clarity Audit Icons v1_Page Speed Insights

Assess Internal Linking Issues

Crawl your internal links for unnecessary redirects, find broken links and identify pages with too many links so search engine bots and users alike find the information they need to discover all your URLs efficiently.

Create (and Crawl) Your Sitemap

Crawl the entire site to build a sitemap from that information. Or, access specific sections only to create individual sitemaps. It creates the sitemap dynamically as it goes through your site. 


Measure Crawl Performance

Understand the Time to First Byte, Crawl Rate, Download Time, and the Download Latency to detect the average speed at which the crawler was able to access the URLs based on the host server.

Confirm Indexation

Maximize indexability with reporting that shows all pages blocked by no index tags or robots.txt.
Clarity Audit Icons v1_Duplicate Content Checker

Detects Duplicate Content

Crawls all meta tags to determine duplicate content in page titles, meta descriptions, H1’s and more.


Flexibility to Segment Crawls

With powerful, nestable filters like Custom Search, Additional Content, Page Tags, Content Types and And/Or rules, you can segment your crawls in the most specific ways imaginable.


Content and Custom Search

Filter pages inside crawls that do or do not have a particular item - like pictures, video and custom text - to investigate the specifics you need to surface. Even filter by criteria like predefined Div, CSS, Xpath, and many other patterns. 

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