SEO rankings offer invaluable insights. After all, you want to monitor the progress of your work in the Google search results and adjust your strategy accordingly.

But with the large number of rank trackers available, picking the one that works best for your organization can be challenging.

Since ranking data is at the core of everything you do in SEO, you'll want accurate, on-time, reliable ranking data with of the highest quality.

That's why this blog showcases the best keyword rank trackers.

Here's what else we'll cover in this post:

There are different ways you can approach buying a keyword ranking tool: there are companies that offer solely keyword or position tracking, there are those that have multipurpose SEO tools with keyword rank tracking being one of them, and there are enterprise SEO platforms that offer, well, everything for the entire SEO life-cycle. 

You should know the key factors to evaluate in keyword ranking tools – we’re here to help you find out what will be the best investment to meet your company’s and team’s goals. 

Why You Should Track Keyword Rankings

Let's be honest here: no one clicks a search result from page two of the results page. That’s why you want to optimize your content to increase search visibility on the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

But as an SEO or digital marketer, you know there is an enormous amount of data to deal with.

There are so many keywords to track and so many keyword ranking positions that it can be hard to the find value and derive insights.    

With constant changes to the results pages and the on-going creation of new content, a keyword rank tracker allows you to manage keyword positions at scale

Using the right rank tracker is crucial to boost your insights and strategy. Your keyword rank tracker needs to offer quality information that you can trust.

And not only that, the data should be fresh – most rank trackers offer weekly, every three days, or daily ranking updates to present you with the most current insights possible.

Scalability is also an important factor to look out for. You need to have a rank tracker that is capable of properly tracking potentially thousands of keywords – those that are relevant to your specific industry.  

Three Types of Rank Trackers

1 .Web Browser Plug-Ins

According to Search Engine Journal, SEOBook’s Firefox Rank Checker Extension is the only browser plug-in that exists, so we won’t go into too much detail. But essentially, it’s a tool that lives directly on your browser.

2. Desktop Applications

These tools are downloaded onto your computer, and there are options out there, but for the purposes of this article we’ll be focusing on …

3. Web-Based SaaS Platforms

Web-based SaaS (software as a service) solutions eliminate the need for downloading large applications on your computer – instead they are accessed through the internet. They typically run on a month-to-month subscription, with varying price amounts and capabilities.

What are the Best Keyword Rank Trackers?

The market is full of different SaaS solutions for tracking keyword positions, but for the most part, they can be categorized into three subsections: just keyword rank trackers, multipurpose tools that include rank tracking as a tool, and enterprise SEO platforms.

Click the links below to navigate to that tool's respective summary. For an even deeper dive into SEO software comparisons, head over to our SEO tools comparison page.

Solely Rank Tracker Tools

Multipurpose SEO Solutions

Enterprise Platforms

Solely Rank Tracker Tools

The following are only used as rank checkers – some of which cost as little as $99 per month, but don't get caught up too much on the starting price.

Rank tracking pricing varies depending on the frequency, number of keyword queries, number of domains, and the analysis functionality that is included in the tool.

How you accelerate SEO matters. These tools are limited when it comes to scalability and reliability, especially when tracking thousands of keywords with accuracy across the volatile results pages.

#1. Authority Labs

Track keywords (250 of them) starting at $49 per month, or move up to 5,000+ for $450 per month. Daily data is available for all plans, and can work for Google, Bing, or Yahoo!.

Authority Labs is white label (depending on the plan) so you can put any company logo on the dashboards.

Authority Labs Rank Tracker(Image from AuthorityLabs.)

If your organization has multiple people that need direct access to the information, Authority Labs grants you unlimited users – everyone receives their own log-in information.

You’re also able to recover “term not provided” – a pesky road bump by Google that disrupts data accuracy.

A free trial is also available.

#2. AWR Cloud

Created in 2002, AWR is the longest-standing rank tracker. It’s tailored to agencies and in-house SEOs.

Service ranges in price from $49 per month – which includes 2,000 keywords updated weekly (286 updated daily) – to $499 per month. AWR is capable of giving you localized rankings with great accuracy.

It can be used on a variety of browsers, including Google, Yandex, Baidu, etc., on desktop and mobile. Their whit label feature is also available for free on all subscriptions. See if it’s the right fit for your organization with their free trial.

#3. STAT

Use STAT as a rank checker starting at $720 per month.

STAT allows for daily tracking on Google and Bing. On Google, it includes data for features like maps, images, CPC, news, etc. You can also look at results page archives and segment out the data.

You can also benefit from one-on-one training with a client success coach.

Note: Moz acquired STAT in 2018.


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Multipurpose SEO Solutions

The following companies offer more than just rank tracking, which gives you a more comprehensive understanding of data for your digital marketing strategy. 

#4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs begins at $99 per month. For this, you can track 500 keywords that are updated weekly. Need more tracked keywords? You can track up to 10,000 that are updated every three days for $999 per month.

Ahrefs Rank Tracker(Image from Ahrefs.)

Ahrefs allows you to track Google rankings on desktop and mobile, because as we’ve seen, the results page does vary between devices (and other factors as well).

You can also map out the data of up to five competitors. And, Ahrefs gives you access to data on a total of 13 different search features, including featured snippets, image pack, knowledge panels, etc.

#5. Dragon Metrics

Pricing begins at $99 per month for 1,000 keywords and 30 competitors, and goes up to $999 per month for 10,000 keywords and 2,000 competitors.

Dragon Mertics Keyword Tracking
(Image from Dragon Metrics.)

Dragon Metrics allows you to track more than 25+ SERP features and integrate with Google Analytics and Search Console. You’re able to check website rank on 10 search engines on both desktop and mobile at a local or global look.

You can try Dragon Metrics for free.

#6. Linkdex

$600 per month gets you access to the Starter Package, which comes with 10,000 “rank tracking credits.” You can move up to their Enterprise Package, but note that no price information is available for this level.

Linkdex gives you ranking data as well as search volume, CPC, and estimated traffic per keyword. Filter information by device or location (e.g. postal code) and see when keyword cannibalization is happening.

You have the option to try it for free.



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#7. Moz Pro

Moz Pro allows you to track rankings across four search engines: Google (US and International), Google Mobile, Yahoo!, and Bing.

You can track 300 keywords a month for $99 per month, with the ability to track up to 4,500 for $599 per month. In addition to tracking and crawling, these price packages have different capabilities for research, reporting, and access.

Moz Pro also comes with on-page optimization, link research, custom reports, etc. They also offer one-on-one onboarding and 24-hour online support. Free usage trial available.

#8. Semrush

The Semrush Pro package begins at $99.95 per month and is tailored to freelancers, startups, and in-house marketers. This package gives you 500 keywords to track.

Move up to the Business package at $399.95 for 5,000 keywords. An Enterprise level is available upon request.

Semrush Rank Tracking(Image from Semrush.)

Semrush’s position tracking allows you to monitor your Google rankings for both desktop and mobile. Tracking is daily, and is for domain, subdomain, folder, or URL for the keywords you track. Data can be filtered by any of 16 SERP features.

Competitor analysis is also available, all with the ability to then create reports of this information to share internally and with clients. Free trial available.

Value of an SEO Platform CTA

Enterprise SEO Platforms

Enterprise solutions are built for companies that need insights into all things SEO at scale. 

From keyword research to rank tracking, strategy to execution, SEO platforms integrate all data into one holistic picture, giving you a single source of truth.

Recommended Reading: SEO Platforms: What Are They, Which One Is Best, and What's the Value to a Business? 

#9. BrightEdge

BrightEdge offers keyword performance by desktop, smartphone, or tablet, as well as by geographical relevance. You’re able to see trend graphs, measure the competition, and see insights into the results page's layout.

Focus on which keywords have high search volume to set your priorities. BrightEdge’s keyword reporting also shows you which URL would be best suited to be the preferred landing page.

Visualizations also show you how things like search intent have changed over time.

Note: BrightEdge does not mention pricing on their website.

#10. Conductor

Conductor‘s rank tracking features are related to the others we’ve discussed so far: daily ranking keyword technology, competitor insights, SERP features analysis and the ability to filter by location, device, and search engine.

By performing advanced SEO tasks like rank tracking, Conductor gives its clients insights that inform strategic digital services like performance measurement.

Note: Conductor does not mention pricing on their website.

#11. Searchmetrics

With Searchmetrics’ Global SEO, you’re able to evaluate SEO factors (like rankings) for more than 130 countries. The country selected impacts which search engines you can receive  insights for – potential search engines include Google, Baidu, and others. 

You can get current rankings on-demand, five times per week. 

As a part of their Mobile SEO capabilities, Searchmetrics now has App Rankings – their App Pack lets you track the search performance of iOS and Android mobile apps.

Additionally, Searchmetrics' Mobile SEO allows you to narrow in on mobile rankings at the city level. Their Local SEO also shows results for 485 city-search-engine-combinations. 

A free trial option is available on their website.

#12. seoClarity

seoClarity has fresh rankings for full search visibility. With unlimited tracking (including unlimited competitors), find out how your content is performing globally and locally – and at a granular level.

Dive into insights at the page- or folder-level, or use keyword tags to segment out your data.

With Rank Intelligence, our intelligent rank tracking, you can also view the universal ranking types that appear for your managed keywords. There are more things you can track besides standard search engines – YouTube, Amazon, Google Maps, Google Images, and Google Jobs tracking are all available.

Platform Page Screen Graphics v3.1_Rank Intelligence B

You can also integrate Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Adobe, and most custom analytics for a centralized view of your data. 

Since the results pages are constantly changing and adding new schema, you are now able to see visual rankings based on pixel depth.

This is just one example of how we're leading the way when it comes to ranking analysis

With seoClarity, you can also capitalize on the explosive growth of local search. Optimize your site for location-based searches and location-intent keywords to win at local search – see your results at the country, state, city, or zip code level.

seoClarity includes daily rankings with API and/or data extracts, dashboards for reporting, and interactive analysis to slice, dice, and analyze your ranking performance.

You can also benefit from the Essentials package, which is the perfect place to start with pricing that starts at $0.15 per keyword. This plan is ideal for those who require accurate and reliable rank tracking now, with the potential to increase their investment in the future.

Are there any free keyword ranking tools?

It is possible to monitor your keywords rankings for free. All you need to do is set up a Google Analytics and Search Console account. These are just two examples of free SEO tools that offer great insights for SEOs.

The Takeaway

Rank tracking tools automate the process so you can spend your time in action, not researching and sifting through data. We can’t tell you which keyword rank tracking tool is the best.

As you’ve seen, different tools have different price points, capabilities, etc. But we hope we've offered you a highlight of what each tool is capable of and which would be best suited for your organization.

If you’re considering an enterprise SEO platform, remember that they bring everything under one roof, so it’s important to consider their other features as well.

Of course, there are many other rank tracking tools out there besides those on this list, these are simply what we believe are the best to get the job done.

One thing is certain: to get actionable insights from the ranking data, your chosen rank tracking tool needs to be capable of:

  • Analyzing rankings for large keyword sets across two dates ranges to identify success and spot challenges
  • Monitoring ranking by page, folders, subdomains, and competitors
  • Specifying the preferred landing page and monitoring rankings 
  • Differentiating between true rank and web rank
  • Understanding the changing SERP and how this affects the visual rank position

Without any of the above rankings become an arbitrary metric used to monitor progress without the ability to discern any valuable information about SEO performance or any potential threats to search visibility.

More SEO Tools

Rank tracking is just one component of a successful SEO program. There's also things like audits, page speed, keyword research, and contnet marketing. 

We've compiled lists just like this one that tackle all those areas — check them out below.