There has been explosive growth of Business Intelligence tools (BI tools) over recent years.

After all, you need to see your various data sets in a full 360 degree view for proper analysis, and that’s exactly what BI tools allow for: easy data integration, easy analysis, easy multi-channel reporting.

Why Would I Want to Integrate With a BI Tool?

BI tools take in data from multiple sources and consolidate it for further analysis. For SEOs, this means integrating your organic search data into your marketing stack for a holistic view.  

Some of the tools act as data warehouses — repositories of large data sets — while some of the tools offer the visual analysis itself. Some are a combination of the two.  

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What BI Tools Does seoClarity Integrate With?

The seoClarity platform integrates with multiple BI tools and data warehouses so you can have direct access to your data.

Remember, this is your data, so you should be able to access it hassle-free.

Here are the Business Intelligence tools that you can integrate with seoClarity:


Integrating seoClarity into BigQuery allows for data to be connected to additional data sources such as: Google Data Studio, Tableau, and Domo, among others.

BigQuery has a native connection to other tools, so all you need is a BigQuery account and a connector.

Although BigQuery is mainly a database, it does have minimal analysis capabilities. However, it’s still best to connect it with other tools.

Current seoClarity clients can learn more about BigQuery integration in the Knowledge Base.

Let’s take a look at the BI tools that you can connect to Google’s BigQuery.

Google Data Studio (GDS)

Google Data Studio is a way to visualize your SEO data alongside other marketing channels’ performance. We integrate with GDS via BigQuery since it has a direct connection to Data Studio.


One of the most commonly known BI tools, Tableau offers both data storage and data visualization.


Domo is used for data integration with BI and analytics.

Additional BI Tools We Integrate With

Although BigQuery serves as an umbrella-like database with other BI tools scattered below it, there are other data tools out there that don’t require a connection with BigQuery.

Again, some are used for data storage that would need an ETL process to bring into a BI tool, some data analysis, and some a combination of the two.


RedShift allows your data to be connected with other BI tools and reporting suites. In this sense, it is similar to BigQuery in that it’s a database.  

Be sure to check with your support team to see if your database of choice is possible.

Amazon S3

A cloud-based storage system for your data, with the ability to “upload a single object up to 160 GB in size,” per Amazon.


Box is cloud data storage focused on content management and file sharing for businesses and organizations.


Snowflake is both data storage and a connector to other BI tools (i.e. database and connector).


This tool allows for data analysis where you can connect your data to other marketing channels.

Don’t See Your BI Tool?

If your BI tool wasn’t listed above don’t worry! We can still export your data via API or custom data extract.

This is your data and you deserve full access to it.

We’ll deliver your data to your internal data warehouse with either:

  • API
  • SFTP

To learn more about the data transfer process, I recommend reviewing our article: The Better Choice: API or Custom Data Extracts?  

There is also a standard ranking extract template available. One thing is certain: nothing will stop you from getting your data out of the platform.

What Subscriptions Include the Integrations?

The standard ranking extract is included for all packages; remember, this is your data.

API and integrations with RedShift, BigQuery, Google Data Studio, etc. are included with the Professional plan.  

You can learn more about the differences in plans and compare them directly on our pricing page

If you’re a current seoClarity client who’s interested in upgrading your plan or integration abilities reach out to your Client Success Manager