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Compare seoClarity vs. Conductor Searchlight

60% of Customers
Upgraded to seoClarity from Another SEO Platform

An integrated, all-in-one enterprise SEO platform makes seoClarity the perfect alternative to Conductor Searchlight.

Unique benefits include:
  • No artificial limitations
  • Unlimited support and training
  • Real-time, on-the-fly ranking analysis and ranking data API
  • AI-driven content marketing suite for optimized content
  • Unlimited competitive comparisons and keywords
  • Daily data vs. weekly data updates on Conductor
  • Customizable dashboards and automated reporting
  • Client-driven roadmap with updates to the platform driven every two weeks
  • Integrated rank tracking for every search engine, in every country
  • Multi-domain reporting to combine enterprise-wide performance
  • Integrated GSC + site analytics data
  • SEO consults to enhance the value of the platform 
  • Largest keyword research data set organized by topic with 30+ billion keywords across 170 countries
  • Integrated site audit technology with built-in site crawler with unlimited crawls

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Why Clients Choose seoClarity over Conductor

With a single-integrated and technologically advanced SEO platform, seoClarity offers a partnership to structure, simplify and scale your SEO program.

Compare seoClarity to BrightEdge
integrated reporting and advanced integrations Breadth of Data Flexibility Chart Customizable Dashboards

Even More Reasons Clients Rely on seoClarity as an Alternative to Conductor Searchlight

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First SEO Platform with AI

seoClarity doesn’t simply collect data. It delivers AI-powered insights to scale your SEO program. Experience advanced machine-learning that uncovers insights with a battle-tested framework and dedicated support team to boost your results.


Research Grid LIVE

With 90+ countries, see changes to search visibility in real-time, powered by the largest, constantly-updated keyword research data set. No other database compares.


Built-in AI Content Marketing Suite

Leverage the power of deep-learning with a built-in AI-driven content writer and content analysis tools that show semantically-related content opportunities on any topic that reveal content ideas and content gaps so you can optimize and create the most authoritative content. 


Integrated Global Search Visibility

Daily rank tracking in every country and geo-location integrated into the platform with on-the-fly analysis. Includes easy multi-domain roll-up for managing your search performance enterprise-wide.

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We Aim to Make Our Clients' Jobs Easier

seoClarity takes client feedback and implements it into our product and partnership. It's just one of the reasons they choose us over Conductor Searchlight.

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"In my experience, seoClarity has been the best tool for enterprise SEO because it allows for multiple users, can track many domains, (and) has a robust mobile (and desktop) keyword database for keyword research. They are innovative, coming out with new features regularly."

- Omar O., VP, SEO Analytics


"My favorite feature in SEO Clarity is the multitude of options available within the platform. There are thousands of ways to organize your SEO data and make sense of it. The integrations are seamless and make it very easy to view all of your SEO performance metrics in one place."

- Joseph G., SEO Specialist

Over 3,500 brands, enterprises and agencies are growing their business with seoClarity.

"Enterprises need to know how flexible, how robust, and how powerful seoClarity is. If you tried to pin it up against any other platform, there’s just no comparison."


David Cockburn Director of Marketing & Analytics

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