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Only seoClarity Offers...
What It Means For You...
Real-time, on-the-fly analysis
What It Means For You...
  • Full interactive reporting and analysis for all ranking data and any competitor at any depth
  • Visual and filtered data exploration for any SEO metric - by country, device, engine, content types, and more - all within a few clicks
Unparalleled data insights generated with daily data updates
What It Means For You...
  • Daily data updates provide fast, relevant insights for every level of your organization
  • Recognize trends as they happen to capture new revenue opportunities
Unlimited competitive SEO analysis and comparisons
What It Means For You...
  • Compare against unlimited competitors
  • Deep competitor intelligence and change alerts delivered to your inbox
Daily rank-tracking for every search engine, in every country
What It Means For You...
  • The most robust geo-targeted keyword ranking platform
  • Validate ranking data with a SERP preview for complete data transparency
  • Not a day of ranking results missed, in over 10 years
Multi-domain reporting to combine enterprise-wide performance
What It Means For You...
  • Roll-up and report on performance from all of your domains for enterprise wide updates
100% visibility into keywords
What It Means For You...
  • The ONLY enterprise platform to reveal close to 100% match of keywords actually driving traffic to your site
  • Understand the intent of organic searches by correlating keyword level data with all other SEO metrics
World's largest competitive intelligence keyword data set
What It Means For You...
  • Largest community-contributed keyword database with access to the entire search landscape with a mobile-first data-set approach
  • Guaranteed freshest - All keywords rank checked every month with 3+ years of historical data
  • Analyze trends by page, sub-domain, sub-folder and more 
  • Unlimited downloads
No artificial limitations
What It Means For You...
  • Unlimited crawl projects and pages
  • Unlimited competitive comparisons
  • Access to all of your SEO data via API, custom extracts or download right from the platform

All SEO Data, Metrics, and Capabilities With No Artificial Limitations For One All-Inclusive Price

With simple, easy-to-understand pricing provide upfront, seoClarity offers a client-driven roadmap with two-week product release cycles to keep up with the fast pace of change within the search landscape.

“Enterprises need to know how flexible, how robust, and how powerful seoClarity is. If you tried to pin it up against any other platform, there’s just no comparison.”
David Cockburn RealPage
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Even More Reasons Clients Rely on seoClarity as a BrightEdge Alternative

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First SEO Platform with AI

seoClarity doesn’t simply collect data. It delivers AI-powered insights to scale your SEO program. Experience advanced machine-learning uncover insights with battle-tested framework and dedicated support team to boost your results.


Research Grid LIVE

Covering more than 90 countries with a mobile-first data-set approach, see changes to search visibility in real-time, powered by the world's largest, community-contributed keyword research database with unlimited downloads. No other database compares.


Built-in AI Content Writer

Leverage the power of deep-learning to power your content performance with an AI content writer and understand an entire topic faster than ever before to create authoritative content and expand your audience reach.


No Artificial Limitations

We do not add limits just to add limits. With all packages, it includes unlimited competitors, no limits on number of crawls and number of pages crawled, limitless reporting with customizable dashboards, and more!

"Not only is Clarity very powerful with its default functionality with competitor tracking, but you're also able to build custom views with that data."
Tony Emerson Sparefoot
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