By now, you have likely read about all the features and capabilities of our platform on our website. You maybe even talked to a friend and found out that we are known for our innovation and staying steps ahead of the changes in SEO and digital marketing. 

Maybe you’ve demoed the features and capabilities within the seoClarity platform with one of our Account Executives. And, quite possibly, you’ve had the opportunity to test drive the platform with a trial.  

And now, it’s time for the next step where you find yourself asking: what support do I get and how do I get my entire team trained on the platform? Proactive support is important to ensure your team leverages the technology to drive the data-driven decisions to really accelerate your company’s SEO growth. 

How we work with clients through our Client Success and SEO Professional Services is a very important part of your success not just with seoClarity, but any SaaS platform or technology for that matter. 

So what makes seoClarity unique in our approach? How are we different from the multiple tools most SEOs use on a daily basis? This post describes how, at seoClarity, the entire onboarding, training, and proactive support comes together, and covers how your dedicated Client Success team and the SEO Professional Services team work to help you drive success from the platform.


What’s the Difference Between Client Success and SEO Professional Services?

The best way to describe the difference between your dedicated Client Success Manager and your SEO Professional Services is with this simple analogy to buying a car:

  • Client Success makes sure you get the most out of the car you bought. They teach you how to use all the features that come standard with your vehicle choice.
  • SEO Professional Services offers the additional SEO experience and strategy, the bells and whistles that set your car apart from the other models on the market. They help you prioritize projects and identify which SEO initiative will drive SEO results faster. (When should you fine tune your vehicle’s performance, or should you add gold rims now or later? Should you rely on a built-in navigation system?)

It’s important to note that when you compare enterprise SEO platforms to specialized or specific SEO tools, the latter do not provide proactive support in most cases. They may have sporadic online chat or other standard video training, but in a call center and with a one-size-fits-all approach.

What’s even more unique? With seoClarity, an initial SEO Professional Services engagement is included with every subscription, but let's dive into your client success relationship first. 

Value of an SEO Platform CTA

Dedicated Client Success Manager Drives Value

We summarize the Client Success Manager role as your quarterback, driving value to your team from the platform. They are your single-point-of-contact for all things seoClarity -- from the onboarding process, to the execution and organization of customized training as well as the proactive insights provided -- so that you get the most out of what the platform offers. They’re not there to hold your hand; rather, they exist to lead you through navigating the platform and work alongside you on your SEO journey.

In summary, they are responsible for your overall success.

Technical Support Services

All of our clients are also supported through our Technical Support Team, referred to as our TSS team. This team is an integral part of your set-up and onboarding, as well as provisioning your domain within the platform. They work through your custom requests, manage our feature request forum and tickets, and set-up technical integrations and data enablement.

This team provides unlimited support through live chat, email and phone. We also have 24/7 emergency escalation process for when immediate assistance is needed.

Onboarding & Seamless Migrations

Along with our TSS team, Client Success makes this process easy and ensures you and your team are up and running in the platform within a few days. Because of our extensive experience in moving clients from other SEO tools to seoClarity, we prevent common migration challenges and commit to having transition historical ranking data in 15 days or less.

This process also includes integration with other tools, set-up any data exports, integrate your site analytics data so you can track and report SEO performance through to what really matters - conversions and revenue.


Client success provides in-depth training on how to utilize the platform for the different roles and responsibilities of your team. This includes live and ongoing webinars, on-demand training videos, and with some packages, you can include on-site, customized training for your team.

This full platform training can move as fast or as slow you your time allows, but Client Success starts by setting up the key SEO workflows designed to get you up and running in the platform quickly.

This framework outlined in the 12-Step Success Blueprint focuses on how to utilize the platform to uncover important insights.

Examples include:

  • What keywords are driving success?
  • What page types could be further optimized?
  • What types of pages have performance/page speed issues?

Click on the image below to view this framework up close in a separate window.
Client Success_12 Steps Arrow_forBLOGpost

Proactive Insights and Support

To start, they align to your goals and act like an extension of your team. They help align resources to your goals and share in the success and metrics driven from your use of the platform.

Client Success focuses on showing “what happened” and “where can you find the answer in the platform”. When there is a question about “why is this happening”, that falls into the responsibility of the SEO Professional Services.


SEO Professional Services Enhances Value

Where your Client Success Manager is like the quarterback, think of our SEO Professional Services team as the offensive coordinator. These individuals offer extra SEO knowledge and experience to create a playbook for your team to follow.

This team is designed for clients who need an extra layer of customized support beyond what Client Success supports. They are the high-end consultative services that are available to complement and enhance your SEO efforts. In fact, Every SEO professional services team member at seoClarity has more than 10 years of experience in SEO.

Their goal is to pinpoint key roadblocks, share quick wins, and really enhance the value you get from the platform.

For example, with Client Success you get a prescriptive SEO workflow based on industry best practice, but if you need something a little more tailored to you, Professional Services is the extra resource to coach you through an SEO challenge and explain why and how to solve it.

They act as your SEO consultant to execute on project-based deliverables that includes research, analysis, and advanced team training. These types of projects are prearranged and defined prior to the engagement. Typically these projects are meant to guide you along your SEO journey all customized to your needs. Their responsibility is to:

  • Build and grow your SEO program
  • Jump start your SEO efforts
  • Develop a roadmap for prioritization
  • Establish an SEO Center of Excellence
  • Define KPI’s and report on progress
  • Provide technical expertise for site audits, site migrations, etc

When deciding whether to add extra Professional Services projects, ask yourself, do I need:

  • Help with prioritizing specific projects?
  • Enable a workflow specific to your team?
  • Extra insights into what will drive successful outcomes?
  • Access to best practices to share with my teams internally?
  • Discover deeper insights with further analysis and research?
  • More information if we are on pace to achieve our defined KPIs?
  • Provide additional research where applicable to support internal decisions?
  • To save costs of additional resources to monitor and report back on performance?

What Doesn’t SEO Professional Services Provide?

On the flip-side, SEO Professional Services doesn’t provide services for link building, or coding. They are different than an agency and do not have expensive, long-term contracts. Their job is to align your goals and transfer knowledge to your in house team for you to own your SEO strategy fully.

Here's more on the approach that SEO Professional Services takes and the success they drive for clients. 

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Key Takeaway

seoClarity offers a full support model that is different than other SEO platforms and other SEO tools in the marketplace. We provide dedicated support to make sure you get the most from your subscription from the platform. We also offer an approach and framework to make sure you build SEO as a successful digital marketing channel to deliver the best search experience possible for your users. Together, our teams -- from your dedicated Client Success Manager to the SEO Professional Services -- provide the dedicated support you deserve to drive consistent and repeatable SEO success.