Throughout my career, I have provided SEO recommendations based on analytics data, but I would also need a technology partner to provide the large scale data and analytics that was required to support my recommendations. 

This led me to seoClarity, where we began to focus on all the data insights and correlations that could be made, and strove to directly impact the way data is collected, delivered, and overlaid to provide greater insights than had ever been uncovered before.

We collected this data so that we could use it to create a refined structure designed to increase ROI.

Nearly five years later, our Professional Services team still operates in that same way: we listen to challenges that enterprise companies have and focus on innovative ways in which data can provide actionable insights that lead to SEO success.

Richard_ChavezI love working for Pro Services because I get to help enterprise teams build out SEO as a marketing discipline and growing teams see SEO through the structure of the platform. Our services can spark a new initiative or help a team break through on a project that we can measure and build upon with them. It’s very rewarding to celebrate with clients as they build and execute their SEO roadmaps and illuminate to their organization how to create search experiences for their customers. Richard Chavez, VP of Professional Services

Goals and Objectives of the Professional Services Team

seoClarity’s Professional Services team was structured to help empower teams with the knowledge they need to execute on projects and the data to back it up. 

While many of the challenges a site can face at first seem complex, our goal is to provide data in a way that is easy to understand so that you do not just complete executional items, but understand the processes and workflows needed to uncover, diagnose, and fix core issues continuously.

We provide best-in-class strategic and technical talent – on-demand – to jump start and accelerate SEO efforts for enterprises and agencies. 

As a Professional Services team member, the first step in the analysis is to run a crawl and discover all the hidden opportunities (as well as roadblocks) as you work on performance improvements.

We have developed a systematized way that reviews your core KPIs and utilizes a combination of crawl data, web server logs analysis, and analytics to isolate the areas on your site that need improvements.

Our team then designs a prioritized list of actionable insights based on the data from our enterprise SEO platform, listed by impact and prioritization. 

Unlike other consulting teams, seoClarity prioritizes revenue over traffic so that you are not just adding additional pieces of content or adding high volume areas of traffic that do not result in conversion or may not be increasing visits from your audiences.

We utilize our vast amount of data, as a technology provider, and pair that with a set of SEO solutions to maximize results and provide dashboards to easily report on each initiative that can be shared with executive teams.

Our goal is to be ever-evolving and responsive so that our team can be the best partner for businesses in need of technology and data to support executional challenges that arise every day.

With different package options available, the goal is for us to become an extension of your team to help you meet your specific goals to drive growth, as well as expand your team’s training on easy-to-execute SEO workflows and deliverables designed to increase ROI. 

The Professional Services team is here to enhance the value of our enterprise SEO platform and help our clients achieve multiple levels of success.


Jack condensed_Cropped What I love about SEO is that there's transparency to it – especially with our platform. The data we have gives recommendations on the best path to take, and more often than not these recommendations generate favorable results. It’s fun to see clients respond to milestones after they follow simple SEO protocol. Jack Gillen, Lead SEO Analyst 

Successful Outcomes

It’s not enough for us to just help you with your projects – we want you to see results. That way, you can show your executives, investors, and board members that your work as an SEO matters.

Strategic direction combined with seoClarity’s role as an extension of the team led to exciting triple digit results for a gaming-industry client.

We utilized our data and technology to define an action plan based on improvements in rank performance for high volume short-tail keywords.

While other companies may have focused on the long-tail, our approach on being laser focused resulted in a 100% increase in revenue and orders in year one, and a 176% increase in revenue and orders in year two.

Our Page speed tool within the seoClarity platform paired with our page speed insights and recommendations provided by our team resulted in a 50% increase in the company's overall page speed score, which led to increased conversions.

We focused on the time to first render, deferment of unessential content and the improvement of the initial render speed of text and content.

With our crawlers, we were able to define which specific resources on site needed to be prioritized to increase page speed scores.

We also provide an extensive report on how a site can obtain more Answer Box listings. Our Answer Box analysis, on average, yields a 25-40% increase in conversions.

These are numbers that prove the value of SEO. This quantifiable success can be a reality for your company too!

Time Saved

Value does not have to solely come in the form of more conversions or increased revenue – there is also the value of time saved. Organized standard operating procedures allow your team to move through work with ease.

We provide SEO workflows that save time so that your team can focus on meeting overall strategic marketing goals.

We developed our Managed Services offering as a response to clients who did not have time to monitor daily ranking losses and gains and respond quickly to losses and opportunities.

With our Managed Services offering, our team monitors and notifies your team if there are high priority items that you need to react to day-to-day.

Our team will identify where you should spend time that week, based on this data and the trends we see, including traffic potential, so your team avoids the optimization of areas that won’t drive ROI.

Cost Saved

Our Professional Services Team wants to ensure that you’re driving value in an efficient way.

To start, we provide consultation and advice to expand your internal team’s knowledge base, and help you understand appropriate SEO workflows and best practices that are tried and true methods within today’s top digital companies.

Our jump starts are designed to identify quick wins and opportunities with technical, content, and back link audits. We then train teams on how to use the workflows derived after we monitor what worked really well across top SEO teams.

In addition, Managed Services allows you and your team to avoid costly pitfalls. Avoid a loss in rankings and organic traffic if you move from pagination to infinite scroll with our best practice recommendations, retain site equity when you migrate a website from one URL to a new URL, change your page template, and more.

For example, if a development team moves to a new platform, we ensure SEO best practices are in place pre-launch with a review of your new site in a staging environment. We also monitor the site once it is moved to the live site and pair it with our site crawler to identify whether all items were carried over properly.

Our team also works together with executive teams, agencies, and SEO team members to provide knowledge and best practices designed to enhance their skill level. When you allow your team to continuously grow and learn from experts, you will be able to retain core talent, and keep them on long-term as opposed to having to deal with the dreaded hire-fire cycle.

We provide team training to help you understand our framework that is at the core of everything we do here at seoClarity: Search Experience Optimization.

Also, our approach of structure, simplify, and scale helps achieve repeatable, consistent results for your organic search efforts.

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