When you first sign up for seoClarity and as your domain is provisioned in the platform, your Client Success Manager, or CSM, is your life raft! This dedicated seoClarity team member starts working with you immediately to guide you through the onboarding process.

Once you’re finished with the set-up, navigating the waters of SEO and putting all of that platform training into practice might feel like a real challenge for you and your team (not to mention, you’re using the most robust SEO platform on the market). Cut yourself some slack! Your CSM is at your disposal to help with anything you need at any time. Here are the top ways in which we work alongside you as you grow.

Julia and Kris at SMX Advanced 2019Kris (left) and I representing our Client Success team at SMX Advanced 2019!

Top CSM Workflows to Help You Achieve SEO Success

Leave the Bulk Upload Tasks to Us

Have you ever experienced trying to upload too large an Excel file resulting in an excruciatingly long, sometimes system-stalling (or worse, system-crashing) process? This can create quite the challenge for you as you attempt to do anything outside of uploading the file.

Lucky for you, your CSM can take care of this task for you. We work with our Technical Support Services (or TSS) team to get this uploaded for you in no time, so you can focus on SEO tasks of analyzing your data and overall performance.

Drive Feature Requests and Support Tickets Forward

Speaking of our TSS team, your CSM is the conduit of information to them and others on the seoClarity team. Let us handle adding your ticket requests. Your CSM is the interpreter of how these tickets or feature requests are moving forward with our Development team.

Accelerate Your SEO Success

While your CSM is your point person, as an organization that’s always learning from each other, we rely on our SEO Professional Services team to support us with their infinite wisdom of SEO challenges and nuances that crop up with every algorithm update or change that occurs in the world of SEO.

Don’t hesitate to share even your most technical challenges with your CSM — it’s our job to work with the Professional Services team to work out what type of audit or recommendation applies to your use case.

Optimize Your Account Configuration

As is the case with any journey, your SEO journey includes many variables that will overall lead to your success. You may, however, find it difficult to organize these variables in a way that’s conducive to your overall process and needs within your organization.

Your CSM takes this task on for you by providing structure on anything from organizing your keyword or page data into tags, to setting up dynamic rules and content types based on your current and projected needs and projects.

Suggest New Keyword Opportunities

We recognize that your business wants to get — and stay — ahead, but sometimes it’s hard to know what new keywords you should track that are meaningful to your business. With the search landscape evolving every day, we determine recommendations for what keywords you can benchmark, optimize and build against as part of our keyword portfolio workflow.

Gain Site Audit Insights with an Optimized Crawl

We have a saying around our team; “Before you learn to walk, you have to know how to crawl.”

What this means is that setting up a crawl is something every client should learn in their earlier days of using the seoClarity platform. Without knowing how to accomplish this early on, it becomes more and more difficult to gain the speed you need to scale your SEO.

This is where — you’ve guessed it — your CSM can work wonders to get you going with your early crawls so you can walk run toward even bigger SEO successes. Want to conduct an analysis on your internal links? We can show you how. Looking to do a custom content search? Leave it to us to set the crawl parameters to your specifications.

We recommend settings for a crawl that are unique to your use case and work with you to train your team on how to do this process yourselves in the future. It’s important to us that we not only walk you through this process, but that we also provide you with the tools to accomplish this on your own.

Tell the Right Story Across Your Organization

As I’ve said before, we believe that our clients are capable of receiving buy-in for their SEO initiatives. To get that buy-in, clients must master the art of storytelling for SEO. Done correctly, a true SEO success story celebrates wins in a way that multiple audiences can comprehend.

A CSM recommends the widgets to leverage within your platform, whether your audience is made up of executives, the IT team, SEO analysts or all of the above. We know the platform inside and out, and with 100+ custom visualizations, you can create as many stories for as many people across your organization as you’d like.

Introduce Other Teams to SEO Data

That being said, there are teams in any organization that don’t need to know about every detail of your site health, latest technical audit, or backlink data. Of course, if they want to know, we can help you tell them (see above); however, sharing all the data with the entirety of your organization consumes all of your time leaving you with little room to execute on your SEO objectives.

Fortunately, your CSM works with you to decide together just how much data each team needs to see and how to train them to do their own informed analysis of what you share.

Justify Your Investment in the Platform

Along your SEO journey, even with your CSM at your side guiding your path, there will be obstacles. Oftentimes, these barriers to success come from within and it’s up to you to dispel any fear, uncertainty, or doubt as you scale and continue to invest in seoClarity.

Allow your CSM to handle these obstacles with you by showing you how to use features like CTR curves and the traffic potential tool within the platform to showcase growth and justify continued investment. The proof is in the pudding, as they say — when your team sees and understands the success trajectory, they will have no doubt in your abilities and their continued investment.

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Remember, when it doubt, it is our job and our pleasure to help you reach your SEO goals and achieve success. All you need to do is reach out to your CSM when you encounter a challenge and we will work alongside you to make sure your questions are answered.

We strive to see our clients spend their time on execution. Take the guesswork out of your SEO equation and rely on your CSM to help guide you through the time-consuming or difficult tasks so you have room to spend time on what’s really important: the prioritization and execution of SEO tasks that accelerate growth.