SEO is never stagnant, and it’s more than just the search results that never stand still. Multiple teams are constantly making changes to your site — especially at the enterprise level.

This could be developers, merchandisers, UX team, and plenty more.

Unfortunately, SEOs are usually the last to know about these changes. And these site changes can be detrimental to rankings and traffic long before you even find out about them!

Without knowing about site changes, your SEO strategy can go right out the window.

To overcome this challenge, there are page monitoring tools on the market that can help you catch these site changes as they happen so you can protect your rankings and traffic

Here are the tools we’ll explore down below:


What is an SEO Page Monitoring Tool?

An SEO page monitoring tool crawls and analyzes your web pages and alerts you when a change is detected.

This way, you’ll know what changed and when, so you can mitigate any potential damage to your SEO program.  

Page monitoring also includes monitoring the performance of the page and specific annotations for the changes made. This means you can correlate on-page changes with any performance metric at a page level.

Why is a Page Monitoring Tool Important?

If — or actually, when — other teams in your organization make changes to the site, they probably aren’t thinking about the SEO ramifications.

Instead, they’re making the changes to achieve a goal for their own department. However, they could unknowingly change a critical SEO element that tanks your website's rankings and traffic.

A page monitoring tool will inform you of these changes so you can go in and revert any potentially damaging changes before you lose your search visibility.

Plus, you can correlate everything together and see it in one view. For example, you can pinpoint content changes and show their impact.

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The Best SEO Monitoring Tools

#1. Content Guard

You can think of seoClarity’s Content Guard like your SEO watchdog. It spots and alerts you to site changes before disaster happens so you can protect your organic search program.

With continuous, 24/7 monitoring of every change on your pages, you’ll never be caught unaware again! Plus, intelligent SEO auditing means no over-crawling of your site.

It monitors your pages for 100+ potential changes on a daily or hourly basis.


With customizable alerts, you can set the severity level of the issues and receive your alerts via Slack, SMS, Teams, and thousands more.

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You even have the option to monitor competitors’ pages to see when they update their pricing, add discounts, change their product pages, and more.

Content Guard is included in seoClarity packages. You can find out more about specific pricing on our pricing page

#2. ContentKing

ContentKing is a cloud-based SEO monitoring and auditing platform. The system operates on algorithms that determine a priority of how frequently to crawl your pages.

When a change is detected, you can choose how to receive the alerts. Your options are: in-app notifications, email, Slack, or an integration with Microsoft Teams.

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There is also a changelog that shows the history of the changes made to a page, and the ability to investigate the HTML of the page source.

Note: ContentKing was recently acquired by Conductor.

How Much Does ContentKing Cost?

No pricing is listed on ContentKing’s website, but there is an option to start a trial.

Compare Conductor to seoClarity

#3. Sitechecker

Sitechecker offers website monitoring for business owners, agencies, and in-house marketers.

The software consists of four components:

  • Site Audit
  • Site Monitoring
  • Rank Tracker
  • Backlink Checker

The site monitoring portion of the solution lets you keep track of your site’s uptime and downtime, and learn about added or deleted pages.

You can also track code changes, which Sitechecker says can be used to detect suspicious activity, like a site hack.

Since there is a Rank Tracker as well, you can correlate page changes to a change in rankings

There’s also a historical view of page changes.

How Much Does Sitechecker Cost?

Sitechecker starts at $49/month and runs up to $199/month. Sitechecker also has an enterprise package that starts at $499/month. You can request a quote to learn more.

  Basic Startup Growing
Price $49 per month $99 per month $199 per month
Websites 3 5Unlimited  
Monitored Pages 1,500  5,000 50,000
Tracked Keywords 500 1,000 2,000


#4. SE Ranking

SE Rankings is a collection of SEO tools with solutions like a rank tracker, website auditor, on-page SEO checker, and a webpage monitoring tool.

Their webpage monitoring works in three steps:        

  1. You identify the pages you want to monitor
  2. That page is crawled on a specified day
  3. You’re notified when changes occur

Similar to Sitechecker, they note that you can be alerted to malicious code changes. It also monitors for the following changes:

  • Content
  • Meta Tags
  • Links
  • Robots.txt
  • Index Status (across Google, Bing, and Yahoo!)

SE Ranking vs. Semrush

How Much Does SE Ranking Cost?

SE Ranking's pricing changes based on the frequency of rank tracking (daily, every 3 days, or weekly) and the subscription period (1 month to a year).

The price of the SEO tool ranges below reflect daily keyword rank tracking for one year, priced monthly.

  Essential Pro Business
Price $39.20–$69.60 per month $87.20–$151.20 per month $191.20–$903.20 per month
Projects 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Tracked Keywords 250–750 1,000–1,750 2,500–20,000
Page Changes Monitoring X 100 250


#5. SEO Radar

SEO Radar lets you monitor more than 100 site elements with custom alerts.

For example, the SEO tool will alert you when your HTML changes and see side-by-side comparisons of the changes. This monitoring is available at daily, weekly, or hourly frequencies.

There are three ways to receive customized alerts:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Slack

Data including the full HTML, server response, alerts, screenshots, and DOM are archived.  

How Much Does SEO Radar Cost?

SEO Radar ranges in price from $199/month to $999/month.

  Lite Pro Max
Price $199 per month $499 per month $999 per month
URLs Monitored Up to 1,000 Up to 4,000 Up to 12,000
Audits 1 audit per week 3 audits per week Unlimited
Domains 1 4 20
Competitors 3 6 20
Data Archive 3 month archive 6 month archive 12 month archive


#6. Little Warden

Little Warden lets you monitor 30+ site checks, grouped into the following seven categories:

  1. Expirations checks
  2. Status checks
  3. Change monitoring
  4. Indexability
  5. Content checking
  6. SItemaps
  7. Malware

Within the change monitoring, there are checks like nameserver changes, MX record changes, title tag changes, meta description changes, etc.

A change log is also available and can be sent on a custom basis — either week, daily, or hourly. Alerts are then sent out via email, Slack, or Webhooks.

How Much Does Little Warden Cost?

Little Warden starts at $34.99/month and goes up to $199.99/month, depending on the package.

  Freelancer Small Team Agency Large Agency
Price $34.99 per month $54.99 per month $89.99 per month $199.99 per month
URLs Monitored 20 100 650 5,000
Data Retention 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months
Checks per URL Up to 10 Up to 15 Up to 20 Up to 30
User Seats 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


#7. Lumar (Formerly Deepcrawl): SEO Monitor Hub

Deepcrawl, now known as Lumar, is a technical SEO platform made up of 3 parts: SEO analytics hub, SEO monitor hub, and SEO automation hub.

The Monitor Hub gives you a high-level view of your domain so you can see changes and trends over time.

Some of the trends you can spot are:

  • Max Links
  • Max title length
  • Medium bot hits
  • Meta redirect
  • Missing descriptions
  • Etc.

Then, alerts are available through email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or in-app notifications.

Deepcrawl vs. Botify

How Much Does Lumar Cost?

No specific pricing is listed on Lumar’s website, but you can fill out a form to request pricing.

#8. Botify: AlertPanel

Botify is a technical SEO platform. One of its feature is the AlertPanel — Botify's "early warning system."

The system monitors your site for any issues and sends you alerts through Slack, email, or in-app notifications.

Botify lists the following as some of the AlertPanel's uses:

  • Catch issues
  • Mitigate risk
  • Get alerts

How Much Does Botify Cost?

Botify offers three plans — Essential, Pro, and Enterprise. No specific pricing is mentioned for the plans.


Catching page changes as they happen can mean saving your rankings and organic traffic. But the changes of alerts will depend on the SEO tools and software you choose.

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