Internal links are the primary means by which search engines discover pages when crawling a site. 

Despite +60% of SEOs who claim internal linking is a top priority, it remains one of the hardest areas of optimization. 

For large enterprise sites with deep levels of site categorization and many products, it’s difficult getting these pages discovered and indexed by search engines.

This leads to products buried in the hierarchy not being found because they don’t appear important, or worse, search engines don’t crawl deeper linked product pages and categories as often. 

This is why we built ClarityAutomate™ Link Optimizer, a way to automatically optimize internal links to improve page discoverability—without the need for a dev team.


What is Link Optimizer? 

Link Optimizer automatically analyzes, creates, and publishes deep internal links to increase discoverability and expand ranking opportunities.

It enables SEOs to:

  • Surface pages and keywords that are underperforming based on search volume and impressions
  • Facilitate the management of thousands of pages and millions of potential keywords that may increase rankings and traffic
  • Prioritize specific pages and keywords based on seasonality or market opportunities
  • Control and approve what is deployed

Control Your Link Destiny

Unlike other linking tools, with Link Optimizer SEOs are always in control and have final say over all link destinations and anchor text. Interactions with Link Optimizer even train our algorithm so it keeps recommendations fresh.

Ready to deploy internal links at scale? Sign-up for a demo of ClarityAutomate™ Link Optimizer.

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