The SEO industry sees countless changes every day.

Although some of these changes bring about panic (I’m looking at you, Google algorithm updates) a lot of the changes lead to new software innovations that help SEOs succeed.

One of the latest technological developments in SEO and digital marketing is automation. And although this isn’t something out of The Terminator, the ability for technology to function intelligently on its own saves SEOs a ton of time.

Simply put, if you aren’t leveraging technology in SEO, you are missing out and spending time on the wrong things.

Think about the countless keywords, web pages, and projects you have to constantly monitor and react to. The challenge becomes quite clear: There’s simply not enough time to achieve everything manually.

We realized this is a large-scale problem, as we’re constantly updating our own platform to solve a wide variety of marketing challenges.

So in this post, I’d like to share with you some of these innovations that have allowed our clients to reallocate their time to the projects that require a human element while letting the technology take care of the rest (and how automation has evolved over time).

multi-point-solutions--tools-take-up-time(Survey data: how SEOs spend their time, before and after using seoClarity.)

Generation 1 Automation: Accurate, Reliable Data Collection

#1. Ranking Data

Most SEO automation tools revolve around rank data collection (i.e. they provide ranking data so you don't have to manually check the SERPs) but this is only the beginning of what automation is capable of. 

In fact, automation ranking data collection is the first step you should take if you're looking to automate your SEO. All other automation efforts will build on this. 

Ranking data is just the tip of the iceberg. 

At seoClarity, we collect ranking data across more than 190 countries in 200+ languages. This data is available to you on a weekly, daily, or ad hoc cadence depending on your needs.

We haven't missed a day of rankings in more than a decade.

Slice, dice, and analyze the data in whatever way you see fit, but just know this: You'll never have to even think about manual collection again.


#2. Technical Health

Some crawlers require manual effort every time you want them to run. But with Clarity Audits, our site audit and crawler technology, you can set it and forget it.

Recurring crawls can run as often as you’d like. We recommend either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. In addition to the crawl schedule, there’s tons of specificity in what you want to be crawled.

This automation allows for a consistent flow of technical site health data that can be acted on.

Clarity Audit_Platform Montage v2

Each time you want to review your site's health, you’ll have recent crawl data available (without having to wait for a new crawl to run).

Plus, whoever sets up the crawl receives an email notification when it finishes, so there’s no need to check in.

A bonus here is enabling an internal links analysis when setting up the recurring crawl. That way, this report is updated as often as you run crawls.

#3. Automated Dashboard Reports

Compiling reports to share success and progress with other team members and executives takes time (not to mention the time required for distribution).

With customizable dashboards, all your SEO progress can be visualized in a variety of widgets. Set up the widget to pull in the information you care about so each dashboard can tell a unique story.

Then, schedule email alerts to be sent out to your colleagues.

This helps to create a sense of transparency throughout the company when it comes to organic search initiatives. Plus, the best way to prove your value is to show how SEO contributed to a goal the entire company was backing.

Generation 2 Automation: Surface Advanced Insights

Where other marketing technology solutions consider the above the end all be all of SEO automation, we only see it as the starting point. 

Our platform is not only able to aggregate data points for you, but present insights based on the data, too.

#4. Actionable Insights

We recognized a growing challenge in search engine optimization: Too much data, too little time. And while having access to various data points is always a good thing, there comes a time when the data set becomes overwhelming, and valuable insights can be buried.

This is why we introduced Actionable Insights. Think of it as your own personal AI-driven assistant that acts as an extension of your own SEO team.

Platform Page Screen Graphics v3.1_Actionable Insights B

There’s no need to spend time searching through data to find issues and opportunities. It will automatically prioritize a to-do list of SEO jobs, specifying which of your pages need some optimization tweaks.

Actionable Insights is capable of analyzing your site for 120 insights — this means that each recommendation is client-specific based on your own data. All on the fly.

You can truly get to 10x in your organization to reduce both time to insight and time to action.

#5. Page Change Alerts

Each page has a variety of elements that make that page unique: title tag, meta description, H1, and so on. Plus, each page has its own technical factors like response codes and canonical URLs.

With so many site elements (and so many teams with the ability to edit them) even the slightest change made can sink SEO efforts. And of course, all of this happens and no one tells the SEO.  

The solution here is an SEO monitoring tool.  


If an unapproved content change was made, you could quickly go in and undo the changes before they had an adverse effect on your rankings.

Staying constantly vigilant to catch site changes would be practically impossible across an enterprise site (which can be thousands or millions of pages). Now, you don't have to — let the technology monitor your site for you and step in when required.

Did we mention that this includes competitor pages, too? You'll receive an alert if there are changes to pricing, or new products or services are offered, for example. 

Since these alerts are sent via email, you can keep a record of page changes for your records, and distribute the reports to anyone else who may want to review them (although email alerts can also be sent directly to non-platform users, too).

#6. Content Development

Content, content, content. An integral part of SEO!

Unfortunately, no content writer can be an expert on every subject.

But with the mass amount of content being published everyday, you need to continuously churn out relevant, authoritative content to beat out your competition.

Content Fusion, our AI-driven content optimization tool, allows writers to quickly understand a new concept and the intent behind a keyword to quickly create, optimize, and publish content.

Black Dress New Content Fusion

Although it won’t write the content for you, it will assess the top-ranking content of the SERP for your chosen search query and provide the topics that a content writer needs to include in the copy in order to rank.

These insights cut an hours-long research process down to a fraction of the time.

Then, this list can easily be turned into a content brief and given to the content writer, which still gives them creative flexibility with their writing process, but ensures the writing is relevant to the topic at hand.

The Content Ideas section of Content Fusion also helps content writers know questions people might ask that’s related to the topic they are writing about. Answer these questions explicitly in the content and you should be a search result for those specific queries.

Generation 3 Automation: Scaling Execution

The most recent development in SEO automation builds even further upon generation 1 and 2 — it all compounds to let you execute faster and see results.  

#7. Execution-First SEO Platform

You can now implement changes on your site in a matter of minutes, all without having to wait for the dev team, thanks to ClarityAutomate.

Execute faster to get 10x more SEO projects done!

  • Add optimized SEO content in minutes
  • Update or add internal links in one click
  • Fix critical on-page SEO issues
  • Implement breadcrumbs
  • Address hreflang issues (without dev!)
  • Control indexation

Even if your CMS doesn't have the appropriate field for the change you'd like to make, the change can be made with this SEO automation technology. 

No more waiting for the dev team to prioritize your project, or creating a business case to demonstrate the value this change will have.     

As the level of automation increases, fewer and fewer brands are capable of offering it. 

Execute Faster >


There you have it! A handful of ways that the seoClarity platform automates your SEO.

Remember, it’s nearly impossible for anyone to manually track, identify, and address issues for any decent sized site – let alone keep up with changes to them.

Leverage automation to take your SEO program from data collection to execution.

To see how automation can revamp your SEO strategy, schedule a demo and one of my colleagues can give you a personalized walkthrough of the platform.