Increasing search visibility is the goal of every SEO. You want to drive traffic, win conversion, and drive your company’s bottom line.

But with Google’s complex algorithms, this constantly remains a challenge. Algorithms contain hundreds of different factors that influence the ranking of a page.

(Hear about Actionable Insights from our VP of Product Marketing and Training.)

Everything is analyzed and taken into account: the usability of a page, to the relevance of its content to a topic, to the authority of the page in terms of where it is linked from and who links to it … and much more.

With so many different SEO factors to sift through and optimize for (keyword opportunities, page usability issues, link analysis) SEOs are spending too much time looking for opportunities instead of acting on them.

In fact, our own surveys show that 70% of an SEO's time is spent compiling and analyzing data instead of taking action!

This is no surprise for enterprise SEOs, who manage numerous websites with potentially millions of pages.

Let’s take a look at some of the other challenges involved with SEO before I show you the solution.

The Challenge With SEO Today

SEO is a complex industry. For some, you may not even know where to begin your organic search journey. For others, you struggle to spread solidified processes throughout your organization.

Regardless of the length of your involvement with SEO, the sometimes overwhelming amount of data that can be involved in SEO leads to more challenges: an increased time to insight, time to action, and time to impact.  

Allow me to explain.

Time to insight (TTI) is the time before a particular insight or issue is surfaced, while time to action (TTA) is the time before any action can be implemented to deal with an issue or capitalize on an insight.

With mountains of data and limited resources, both TTI and TTA are constantly extended — which means that less actionable steps can be taken.

As we are constantly looking for ways to solve client challenges by bringing new innovations to our platform, we set out to minimize the time to insight and time to action so SEOs can focus on what matters: strategy execution.

This is what led us to develop the next generation of AI analysis in search engine optimization.

Introducing: Actionable Insights.

What is Actionable Insights?

You can think of Actionable Insights as an AI-driven SEO assistant. It constantly monitors thousands of data points, analyzes petabytes of data and identifies hundreds of issues and opportunities — all automatically — so you don’t have to.

Built on top of our ClarityGrid™ infrastructure, Actionable Insights taps directly into the massive, real-time data set that powers every aspect of the seoClarity platform — and distills that data set using our proprietary machine learning models to convert them into actionable, prioritized, and client-specific recommendations.

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It’s capable of more scalability and efficiency than any individual human agent.

Let me show you what it looks like …

Types of Actionable Insights

With 120+ insights (and growing!) Actionable Insights covers the bases with the most important (but hard to find) issues. 

It goes well beyond a typical best practices solution, with advanced multi-faceted analysis that would take a typical analyst weeks to complete.

In fact, it all happens on the fly.

Here are some of the insights that you can find with just a few clicks.

1. Domain Insights

Check site setup for issues with robots.txt, error page setup, sitemap issues, and more

2. Page Usability Issues

Usability is at the forefront of SEO. This analysis checks every ranking page against 100+ hard-to-detect technical issues – everyday.

3. On-page optimization opportunities

Identify keyword usage on pages relative to your competition. Plus, analyze on-page elements like title tags, meta descriptions, and H1 headings.

4. Page Speed Issues

Highlights issues impacting page speed for each targeted page. If your pages don’t load quickly, your users will bounce!

5. Link Insights

In addition to identifying new linking opportunities, this analysis finds low quality links so you can keep a clean backlink profile.

6. Advanced Analysis

Title rewrite analysis: Google often changes a page title for its presentation on the SERP. Actionable Insights instantly tells you if your title tag has been rewritten.

Keyword cannibalization insights: To stay ahead of your competitors, you have to continuously publish content. But with so much content and so many pages, you may run into trouble with keyword cannibalization. This analysis tells you if there is any cannibalization on your site.

Non-traditional ranking opportunities: The SERP is busy, and there is opportunity to rank for more than just a standard search listing. Quickly find your opportunity to rank for video, images, and local.

Schema opportunities: Enhance your SERP listing with schema. Now, it’s easier than ever to find the right opportunities.

Keyword seasonality detection: Keyword research will always be integral to SEO, but as keyword relevance fluctuates with the seasons, it can be hard to keep up. Not anymore.

Click-through rate issues and opportunity: You’re getting impressions, but how many people are actually clicking through to your site? This analysis allows you to have a proper understanding of CTR — and what can be done to increase it.

Actionable Insights GIF

In addition to seeing an overview of the issue and the amount of pages it’s impacting, you can see a detailed description of why this is important, and maybe more importantly, how to fix it!

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Why Actionable Insights?

We built Actionable Insights to serve as an extension of our client’s SEO teams. As you already know, there is simply not enough time to find and fix all the problems that plague SEOs.

But what about the recommendations themselves?

Having observed many of the world’s top SEO’s firsthand, we long ago realized that standardized SEO recommendations have been long outdated and ineffective for enterprises.

In a field as complex and nuanced as SEO, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for all companies to follow.

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Success in SEO involves identifying hard to find issues and addressing opportunities holistically within the context of multiple data points and in light of the unique intent and competition for each keyword.

Other tools out there that purport to provide insights into improving the rankings for a page are based on standard SEO best practices, but those recommendations are generic in an industry that is quite unique.

Actionable Insights, on the other hand, provides recommendations that are specific to each client.

Plus, it acts as its own task management system of sorts, where insights can be converted into tasks with a simple click, and assigned out to anyone in your organization.


The current process SEOs have to go through, especially at the enterprise level, is taxing on their time.

Currently the process looks like this: Data → Human Analysis → Insights → Prioritization → Execution.

But this process becomes increasingly difficult as data goes up exponentially, plus with a limited headcount, there is less power to get things done

Actionable Insights was built to cut this process down, so both the time to insight and action is reduced.

For those looking to jump into SEO head-on and learn the factors impacting search visibility, or for those who need to establish standardized processes and best practices, Actionable Insights is a true panopticon for SEO.

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