Enterprise SEOs face a unique set of challenges due to the massive size of the sites they manage and the complexity of coordinating multiple departments. 

In this blog, we'll dive into the top enterprise SEO issues that can hinder traffic and revenue growth. We’ll also share insights and strategies to help you overcome these obstacles. 

From securing stakeholder buy-in to executing SEO strategies at scale, understanding these hurdles is the first step toward achieving optimal SEO success.

Table of Contents:

  1. Execution at Scale

  2. Limited Resources & Trouble Securing SEO Investment
  3. Prolonged Oversight of Enterprise SEO Best Practices
  4. Prioritizing SEO Projects for Maximum Impact
  5. Security and Governance
  6. Decentralized SEO Data


1. Execution at Scale

Enterprise sites are massive and often complex which means implementing even basic search engine optimization strategies can pose a significant challenge. When your site has millions of pages, manual execution of most SEO projects just isn’t a feasible option.

The key is to establish standardized processes and leverage automation tools to streamline repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

For example, Sia, our AI-powered SEO assistant, allows SEOs to instantly execute mindless tasks at scale such as translating mass amounts of keywords, grouping pages and keywords in bulk, and writing titles and meta descriptions for thousands of pages. 

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2. Limited Resources & Trouble Securing SEO Investment

Our research study on the top SEO roadblocks revealed that when it comes to implementing SEO projects, more than half of SEOs (55%) reported a lack of SEO resources as the biggest hurdle and 52.5% also reported a lack of development or engineering resources. 

But securing buy-in isn’t easy when, unlike paid media where results can be immediate and easily tracked, SEO results often take time to materialize.

The solution? Build a compelling SEO business case that clearly outlines the ROI of SEO investments. This can help you secure the necessary support and resources from senior management.

Another option is to invest in Edge SEO technology that allows you to execute and generate results 10x faster. Work smarter, not harder by conducting SEO split tests in minutes, fixing SEO issues in seconds with no-code solutions, implementing internal links at scale, and more.


3. Prolonged Oversight of Enterprise SEO Best Practices

We’ve all seen it: large sections of a website gathering dust by adhering to outdated best practices and missing out on recent SEO advancements. 

This is especially common among enterprise websites due to their massive scale which makes it challenging to ensure every single section receives the attention it deserves.

Regular site audits and continuous updates are your best friends here.

To maintain SEO health, prioritize areas that haven’t been updated in a while and implement a schedule for regular reviews and optimizations to keep the site in line with current standards.

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4. Prioritizing SEO Projects for Maximum Impact

Enterprise SEOs have a virtually endless list of projects they could implement to strengthen their site’s performance. 

The challenge comes when trying to determine which strategies will have the biggest return on investment. This can be overwhelming when trying to sort through massive amounts of SEO data.

The key is to focus on high-value pages, competitive keywords, and technical fixes that can significantly enhance site performance. Utilizing data-driven insights and conducting thorough impact assessments can help in identifying the most lucrative opportunities for optimization.

seoClarity’s Actionable Insights automatically identifies issues and opportunities from 120+ analyses, sorting them by potential impact and level of effort to help you identify quick wins and prioritize tasks effectively.


5. Security and Governance

SEO governance refers to the framework of policies, processes, and practices that guide and control SEO activities within an organization.

It helps maintain control over complex SEO operations and ensures consistency and quality across all SEO efforts. It also ensures that all SEO activities are conducted within a secure and compliant framework, protecting both the website and its users from potential threats.

But SEO governance is challenging for enterprise SEOs because it requires:

  • Coordinating across multiple departments
  • Maintaining consistency and compliance across a vast array of web properties
  • Implementing robust security measures within a large, complex organizational structure

For instance, a large finance brand was delayed in using an enterprise SEO tool for months simply due to a lack of single sign-on (SSO) capabilities. 

That’s why seoClarity's Client Success team adopted the governance model, establishing rules and expectations for utilizing new resources, ensuring seamless integration, and preventing delays and compliance issues.


6. Decentralized SEO Data

At the enterprise level, vast amounts of data from multiple sources need to be accurately analyzed and translated into actionable insights. 

But the sheer volume of data can make it difficult to identify the most relevant metrics and trends, leading to decision-making based on incomplete or incorrect information.

To avoid missed opportunities and misguided digital marketing strategies, leveraging a single source of truth in the form of a comprehensive enterprise SEO platform is essential.

seoClarity, for example, centralizes ALL of your SEO data, metrics, and reporting under one roof, then leverages AI to surface insights. This eliminates the unnecessary complexity and manual work of integrating data that comes from using multiple SEO tools.



By understanding these issues and implementing the right strategies, enterprises can navigate these complexities and achieve optimal SEO success.

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